Friday, March 16, 2012

It's Fix a Leak Week!

This is the annual Fix a Leak week sponsored by WaterSense(an EPA partnership) where homeowners are encouraged  to do some minor household repairs to take care of any wasted water.

Everything WaterSense shares is good stuff, but rarely do people understand the magnitude of a leak(even a small one).

This is one of the best illustrations on what an even tiny leak can add up to!

Take a few minutes to look over the WaterSense website. Turn the television off and walk around your place, listening for any leaks. Check faucets, tub/shower, toilets and the often forgotten outside spigots. If the repair is outside your repairing ability, call a professional. 3000(or more) wasted gallons over the course of a year can't be good for your water bill and certainly isn't good for the environment!

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