Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween again and with the holiday falling on a Monday, lots of parties and treating was done over the weekend. I'll be working the Halloween away and anxiously looking forward to the feasts at Thanksgiving.

Before we leave Halloween though, let's look at what the day is all about.

Long before the happy clowns and cartoonish monster costumes we had this... I'm slightly terrified. I had no idea just how scary vintage Halloween was!

Ghost, maybe?

Scary witch clowns...

Children of the corn...

I'm really scared now... What if these kids rang your doorbell?! 

Skates make everything okay.

pictures via here and here

Ahh! Look at those eyes! Keep your crazy apples away from me!

Hope you have a sweet(literally) Halloween with lots of treats... and only a few tricks.

See you in November!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween: A Costume for Every Era

Halloween is Monday... Have you got your costume ready?

I think I'm going to dress up as a kitchen designer... Best to use stuff I have laying around the house. Ha!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Find - Cushionized Sofa

It's Friday and everyone is tired and ready for the end of the work week. Admittedly, I like nothing more than to roll up to the house and climb on to my giant leather sofa. 

Maybe I should ditch the leather for this...

Oh wait... not that... THIS!

Could you imagine a better place to take a nap? I know that Dolly and Quincy would make themselves comfy right in the dead center of this sweet sofa.

The sofa concept was realized by Christiane Hoegner of LoFi Studio and is assembled quite literally out of what it looks like. The cushions are filled with different types of material(depending on their placement) and connected through a series of hook and loop fasteners.

I'm not sure there could be a more unique seating space in a home(or a better conversation piece). What do you think? How would it look in your living room?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

BLANCO App for Smartphones/Tablets

I wonder daily at how I managed before i-everything. Blackberry(old-school) would never have done what we can do now and good suppliers are sending out great applications to make our jobs WAY easy!

BLANCO is one of my personal favorite sink lines. Recently, BLANCO launched an app that allows users to compare it's SILGRANIT II sinks with various counter surfaces.

Take a look:

As you can see, you can mix lots of BLANCO SILGRANIT II sinks and counter materials! Go ahead and download the BLANCO app now. It's free today, but it may not be for long!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Featuring the ModSauce Ranch!

It's always nice to work with good clients. It's even nicer to work with good clients and then have good work recognized. 

Most everyone that reads my blog is familiar with the transformation that took place at the ModernSauce Ranch and I take VERY little credit for the space(I was just an encourager and facilitator).

Nonetheless, it's nice to see the awesome new kitchen making the rounds of the interwebs. 

Recently, the space was featured on Curbly and Renovate Too

Make sure that you head over and check out both posts and leave some good comments. 

Remember, you can always go back and follow the events as the unfolded at the ModernSauce Blog

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

Blanco Design Council Appointment

Earlier this month I received a HUGE honor from BLANCO, nomination to their prestigious Design Council.

The Design Council is made up of heavy hitters in the kitchen and bath industry from all parts and wields a significant amount of influence among the design world.

I could not be more honored! 

BLANCO is recognized around the world as one of the top sink and faucet manufacturers. I've featured some of their products here on the blog and have a particular love for their positions on sustainability and responsible business practices. The Solon Compost System is one of my favorite kitchen products available!

You can check out the post from BLANCO about my appointment here and read more about the Design Council and its members.

Thanks again to BLANCO for this awesome opportunity and I'm looking forward to an exciting partnership for many years to come!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Camping at the Opera?

Yesterday was my birthday and I was fortunate enough to have dinner with my parents and some friends at a campground on nearby Lake Martin. My parents are 'campers' even though I'm not sure that a recreational vehicle with flat-screen tvs and wi-fi can necessarily be called 'roughing it'. 

RVs and travel trailers are commonplace with the tailgating that goes on around the South and I think I've found an addition that could be the talk of the campground.

This is the Opera Camper. Tell me now... what could have inspired designer Axel Enthoven to create such a vehicle?

Is that not awesome?! It's the Sydney Opera House on wheels!

The back deck is teak and the trailer features a wine cabinet and espresso bar. Camping is tough, you know?

I'll give them this... The camping demographic has changed. Where once primitive sites were covered with tents and picnic tables, million dollar motorhomes dot the camping landscape. The Opera is just more affordable luxury. I dig it.

The Opera is currently available in the Netherlands and Australia. They are seeking dealers elsewhere and are showing positive sales results. Looks like the Opera is here to stay. Can't wait to see one in the states!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Costumes: You're Doing It Wrong

So Halloween is around the corner... Doesn't mean we can't all have a good laugh!

Happy Saturday!

 Your source for Halloween Costumes and More.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Find - Magic Glass

Still on my glass kick, Magic Glass from Russian firm Mauer Buro allows clear glass panels to go opaque... with magic, of course!

Well, not so much magic as it is smart technology. Using a standard light switch, a crystal polymer membrane is activated and changes the light transmission creating an opaque panel.

Thank about the options for something like this?! Obviously, room dividers and partitions, but what about bathroom shower stalls, full wall windows and walls between bedrooms and living spaces.

LOVE this stuff... Can't wait to see something like this on the common market!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

#LetsBlogOff - What is a Blog Off, Anyway?

Interestingly enough, I've been asked this question along with a flurry of others.

"What is a blog off?"

"Why do you write about something that's that off topic?"

"Don't you feel like that's a waste of time?"

Ouch. Little harsh, maybe. The Let's Blog Off phenomenon is easily described yet difficult to explain. The easy answer is that Let's Blog Off is a bi-weekly coming together of bloggers on a single topic. That actually sounds pretty boring.

Today is my nineteenth Let's Blog Off post... I actually went back and read all of my posts from the 19 days gone by and Let's Blog Off is way more than just hitting a topic. 

So what is Let's Blog Off to me?

Shoetubs, mainly. 

There is some discussion about the first actual blog off and since this is my show, I'll happily take some of the blame. Could talking about a giant high heel shoe bath tub be any more fun?

Let's Blog Off has covered isolation, too. Thanks to Facebook, some people judge their social worth by the amount of friends they have online and not the actual interactions they have in real life. 

Every so often, I need to talk about crazy people. It makes me feel less crazy. Who to showcase I wonder... Oh yes! Pageant Moms(I can't wait to write a post about those crazy Dance Moms)! Guilty pleasure television... there are some things I probably shouldn't admit.

In addition to the silliness, sometimes Let's Blog Off allows me to talk about work, how people do it wrong and how to get back on track. Talking about kitchens all the time is never going to happen on this blog- it's fun to mix work and other things sometimes!

But I have an opinion on just about everything, no doubt.

I've also gotten to relive some childhood memories and talk about some of the things that just generally make me happy... Like Katie on Thanksgiving...

In the end, Let's Blog Off can be silly or serious, fun or less than fun... in the end, what makes Let's Blog Off interesting is that you get to see through a little window in to the world of some of the most unique people in the world. The guard is let down for a few minutes and some nifty little nuances creep out and readers(and writers) get to have a moment away from the doldrums and think about things that you might not talk about any other way.

So, Let's Blog Off is a pretty cool thing. Seriously... you should try it. 


Now that you've read mine, go write your own!                 

Check out everyone else's post and leave some comments. They'll appreciate it!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Your Wallpaper Will Never Be This Cool

Everyone knows I LOVE wallpaper(any wall covering, really).

What really makes me happy is to see a wall covering that goes above and beyond(literally and figuratively) the limitations of the plain wall.

carnovsky is a design duo from Italy that has created some of the deepest and wildest wall coverings I've ever seen. Called RGB(you'll get in in a minute), the coverings are multi-leveled images in primary colors and then exposed to various light filters(like Red, Green and Blue) to show the true depth of the images.

Take a look:

This is an exhibition at Jaguarshoes in London and is completely rocking awesome... They really took a deep look at the jungle theme.

You can skip over to Jaguarshoes and even pick up some prints made for the occasion... It's all brilliant, don't you think?

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