Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween again and with the holiday falling on a Monday, lots of parties and treating was done over the weekend. I'll be working the Halloween away and anxiously looking forward to the feasts at Thanksgiving.

Before we leave Halloween though, let's look at what the day is all about.

Long before the happy clowns and cartoonish monster costumes we had this... I'm slightly terrified. I had no idea just how scary vintage Halloween was!

Ghost, maybe?

Scary witch clowns...

Children of the corn...

I'm really scared now... What if these kids rang your doorbell?! 

Skates make everything okay.

pictures via here and here

Ahh! Look at those eyes! Keep your crazy apples away from me!

Hope you have a sweet(literally) Halloween with lots of treats... and only a few tricks.

See you in November!


  1. Ooooh creepy vintage photos! It's like you did this just for me!!!!

  2. Of course it was just for you, Madame! Aren't they extra spooky?


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