Friday, July 13, 2012

I've Been Famous Lately

It's been a good few weeks for "Nick publicity" and it's only fair for me to brag and show off thank those who were nice enough to feature/quote/picture me in their blogs and publications.

Hopefully you'll go to these links and read and comment and tell them how awesome they are to put someone as cool as me in their work.

K+BB - Web Savvy: Nick Lovelady

Editor Alice Liao approached me about doing a little impromptu interview for the Web Savvy column in each issue of K+BB. I was flattered and excited, especially after seeing other familiar faces featured in the magazine...

I'm just glad someone thinks I can be web savvy without being on Facebook!

Gold Notes - Four Favorite Products I Can't Specify Down South

Jamie Goldberg has an awesome blog, Gold Notes, that turned four this month. As a celebration, Jamie featured guests on her blog with four as the theme. Jamie and I talked about things we couldn't have in the Deep South during our trip to the BSH Design Center in Irvine, California last month. I couldn't have been more excited to be a part of the birthday celebration for Gold Notes!

Daily 5 Remodel - It Happened on Facebook (Part 1)

Leah Thayer at d5R shares the best information for the remodeling industry and thankfully she is pushing old school folks in to the new times. Highlighting successes in social media and other unique marketing endeavors is one of the prime functions of d5R and I was happy to share a small success in social media. Again, customers are out there... We just have to go find them!

So there you have it... Kind of exciting, eh?

If you don't regularly read any of these sites, go ahead and book mark them now. Each is fantastic and deserves your eyeballs. You can thank me later.

Thanks again to Alice, Jamie and Leah for sharing me with their audience. I can't wait for the opportunity to repay them (probably with hugs and such).

Thursday, July 12, 2012

In-Law Deterrent - Bloody Bathroom Accessories

No one can accuse me of secretly liking guests to quickly leave my home... I openly show admiration for uncomfortable furniture.


But seriously.

I love all my house guests(for a couple of hours) and it's sometimes fun to have a bit of a gag around to lighten things up. My love for company goes right with my love for horror movies and Halloween.

The next time you have overnight, dinner party, hot-dog eating contest or whatever kind of guests, treat them to an interesting moment in the bathroom.

Bloody footprints! Ha!

Pair the awesome bath mat with an awesomely "Pyscho" inspired shower curtain... Complete with bloody hand prints! 

If you're really in the mood, toss in some Cherry scented shower gel... IN A BLOOD BAG!

I love all of this. 

Who cares if it's still months away from Halloween and months after April Fool's Day? Treat your friends... or yourself.

Easy to buy too... just zip over to Amazon.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Inspiration :: Brass is Back (Kinda)

The late 1980's and early 1990's fed us a consistent and steady stream of thermofoil cabinets and shiny brass fixtures in the kitchen. The hunter green and burgandy didn't help the look a tremendous amount.

Fortunately, trendsetters let us move on with our lives and the bulk of designers hoped that no one would ever bring up that rough patch in design history.

Well, here we are.

Design is cyclical. It's kind of like looking at an Urban Outfitters catalog with my mother and listening to a diatribe about how she "had the same dress in the seventies" and now these girls just look "homeless."

Brass was bound to come back around... This time if you use it correctly, your kitchen won't look... well, homeless.

Oh my. This Brooklyn residence was photographed by Matthew Williams for Dwell and sets brass as the dead center of attention.

So look... Brass can be good again!

And that's the gratuitous shot of the stunning walnut tops with the slightly living edge on the overlap. Breathtaking!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Before You Rent Your House

Many homeowners are bucking the trend of unloading properties and instead keeping them as sources of income. Of course, lots of variables exist like the market where you are, abundance of potential renters, etc.

The thought is good, but there are some important things to consider before taking on tenants. This graphic shows lots of those good tips.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Ride the Backsplash! Art of Board Tile

Responsible recycling is awesome. It's even more awesome when someone can take something that would rarely fit in to a unique, design focused space and transform it in to something really eye-catching.

Art of Board started in 2004 when the founder noticed the potential in a few broken and tossed out skateboards. It was too long before those boards were becoming all sorts of unique products.

Have a skater in your family? Just want a unique backsplash? Check this out!


Pretty sick, huh? Love the colors and textures of the space when it's all put together. I could totally see using these one day.

What do you think?
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