Thursday, July 12, 2012

In-Law Deterrent - Bloody Bathroom Accessories

No one can accuse me of secretly liking guests to quickly leave my home... I openly show admiration for uncomfortable furniture.


But seriously.

I love all my house guests(for a couple of hours) and it's sometimes fun to have a bit of a gag around to lighten things up. My love for company goes right with my love for horror movies and Halloween.

The next time you have overnight, dinner party, hot-dog eating contest or whatever kind of guests, treat them to an interesting moment in the bathroom.

Bloody footprints! Ha!

Pair the awesome bath mat with an awesomely "Pyscho" inspired shower curtain... Complete with bloody hand prints! 

If you're really in the mood, toss in some Cherry scented shower gel... IN A BLOOD BAG!

I love all of this. 

Who cares if it's still months away from Halloween and months after April Fool's Day? Treat your friends... or yourself.

Easy to buy too... just zip over to Amazon.


  1. Nick this is brilliant! What a great item to have fun with.

    1. Right?! I'd use the blood bag shower gel just for kicks.

  2. I can't even handle how FREAKING AWESOME these are. Seriously, you may have just made my week. :)

  3. This is interesting but I guess that this is not that good for a family bathroom specially when there is a child in your family.

  4. Hats off! An awesome idea to toss some fun into the bathroom.

  5. Frightening but funny! I have to get that bath matt for my son. I'm heading over to Amazon - thanks for this, I' getting it for my son for Christmas this year. LoL

  6. Frightening but funny! I have to get that bath matt for my son. I'm heading over to Amazon - thanks for this, I'm getting it for him for Christmas this year. LoL

  7. I just love the Pyscho style hand print shower curtain...pure genius!

  8. This is perfect for Halloween season but yeah just for kicks, our house guests will get shock. You can use it as a props for a detective-inspired game for your guests.


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