Monday, March 28, 2011

Corter Leather - For Japan

Everyone is no doubt troubled with the recent events in Japan- with the country ravaged by earthquakes and tsunamis, it's refreshing to see the outpouring of support for friends across the Pacific.

I'm always impressed when a company does something charitable, and even more impressed when they give ALL proceeds for a product to those in need.

Corter Leather has done just that.

Corter has created a leather bracelet(completely hand-made) called simply, "For Japan". Reading the background for the bracelet is inspiring. Corter is giving 100% of the proceeds to the Red Cross, not branding the bracelet and simply reminding everyone to remember Japan.

As of last night, Corter has raised over $25,000- go on over and get one for you and one for a friend. Be prepared to wait a couple days though. The large amount of orders(and the fact that each is made to order) have created a 5-9 day wait. 

Even though Corter is a New England based company, the style and gesture make it quite Southern. Kudos to Corter!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Find - Bruun Nest Chair

Contemporary furniture has always intrigued me. Often you find a piece that seems to defy the laws of gravity, common sense, etc.

The Nest Chair by Nina Bruun is certainly one of those pieces.

For some reason, all I can think about is sitting a disk on top of a pile of rubber bands. Ha!

Would it fit in at your place? Let's here some feedback!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mixers and Mustangs...

*The Prickly Postman returns, this time with a design argument for the ages. Make sure you weigh in with your comments below. Thanks again to Jerod for a GREAT post.


I’m going to make a quick assumption about everybody who’s about to read this - if you’ve ever used a mixer, it was either a KitchenAid, or you wished it was.  I wouldn’t want to guess how many have been listed on bridal registries through the years. Practically unchanged since 1919, KitchenAid hit a homerun and ran with it. There’s nothing wrong with that.  It does beg the question, though: have you seen any new designs lately that will still be in production in 90+ years?

The answer is clearly no, because nobody ever buys another KitchenAid mixer (well, unless they want Buttercup Yellow instead of Tangerine Orange).  One is enough; it can’t be improved upon.  And that isn’t exactly a great business model. Companies are left with the task of making us want something new every few years, or going out of business.

Segue to the Ford Mustang…as much as I hate ‘em, they make a great example.  They’re redesigned every five years or so, and everybody goes nuts for the newest, hottest model.  They don’t go any faster, and they damn sure don’t get better gas mileage…they just look different. And that’s fine.  But have you noticed that the newest models look eerily similar to the oldest? 

Do we not have any industrial designers left, or have they just run out of ideas?  Do we really have to rehash the great designs again…albeit in a watered-down, smog-restricted, airbag laden form?

I want something new and exciting.  I want my kids to wish they could have lived in a time when those cars ran down the road.  I want them to say, “Dad, I wish I could have had your old Jeep!”

Instead they’ll just want their Grandad’s old Mercedes…and their Great-Grandmother’s KitchenAid mixer.

BTW, $24,500 will buy you a new copycat Mustang at any Ford Dealership.  The ‘65 fastback gem seen above sold on March 12 via eBay for the same money.  Which would you rather have?


Jerod LeCompte lives in Auburn, and truly believes 
it is "the loveliest village on the plains".  He spends 
his free time critiquing other people's accomplishments, 
figuring out which beach his jet-setting wife is 
laying out on each weekend, and patching 
Jeep Cherokees together with bailing twine.

We are thankful to have Jerod as part of the Cupboards
extended family! 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Today's Happy Place - White Kitchen

Wrigley Building Loft Renovation - Toronto

I'm really digging the open space and lots of white... Makes a 104-year-old building look pretty good. Perfection!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Laguiole - French for Luxury?

In an effort to prevent “Wordless Wednesday” from migrating into “Mum Monday” or “Tongue-tied Thursday”, I’ve decided to toss some content in for my buddy Nick. Today, then, you’ll not get reports from a smarmy kitchen couturier. Instead, what follows are the musings of a mere prickly postman…

Laguiole - French for Luxury?

The l’Aubrac region of France certainly isn’t a well known place. It has none of the cachet of Paris or the modern history of Normandy. A quick Wikipedia scan will tell you that “bovine breeding is the main activity on the plateau”. Still, about 30 craftsmen take some time off from breeding with said cattle to make some of the finest pocketknives in the world.

Pictured are two models from the Prestige Line at La Coutellerie de Laguiole. These guys make stunning knives, and no other company even compares. The kicker is the level of customization allowed. A quick glance reveals 35 handle materials, from the ebony featured above to beautiful vine stock, elm burl, and ivory. Each knife is forged by hand, and is chisel engraved on the knife spring and blade. The chiseled name costs extra, 7 Euros a letter…but hey, at least your name’s not LeCompte!

The price? A standard model will set you back less than 50 bones…as shown, about $150. Turnaround time seems to be less than a month from order to arrival.

Father’s Day is rapidly approaching. Don’t you owe him something nice after decades of fingerpainted masterpieces and macaroni collages?

By the way… watch out for cheap knockoffs! Most of the Laguiole knives you see here in the USA are factory made Forge de Laguiole knives from Thiers, and don’t even compare…


Nick's Note: It's great to have some of the Cupboards "extended family" contributing on the blog. Thanks again to Jerod for stepping in- hopefully it's only the first of many posts to come!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

#LetsBlogOff - Advice: Solicited and otherwise

As the bi-monthly Let's Blog Off rule breaker, I'm back to twist around the rules and make the event cater solely to my blog-posting enjoyment. Today's query: What's the best advice you've ever received? Guess what... I'm giving advice.

Let's Blog Off is a gathering of bloggers from across industries, backgrounds and geographic regions that come together to tackle a single topic once every couple of weeks. It'd be great for you to join in! Click the little button and write your post.

Now for some advice:

Too many times in our industry are companies and corporations trying to whittle down the kitchen design process even to the point of eliminating designers from the process. So often has the DIY mentality invaded retailers only to confuse and anger homeowners.

You want some advice? Hire a kitchen and bath designer when you are working in those rooms. 

The most common misconception that I've encountered is that a kitchen designer is only going to cost more money. Absolutely false.

Kitchen designers(by rule) are there to help make a space work for a homeowner(rather than a homeowner constantly working in/on it). Kitchen designers SAVE homeowners FAR more than the cost of their services.

Kitchen designers have spent much of their professional lives learning the tricks and nuances of the trade. Why not take advantage of the research and experience a designer brings to the table?

So before you punch your cabinet or counter top order in to some automated teller at a big box store, talk to a reputable designer in your area. Don't think there are any in your area? You're on our page aren't you? 

Call me. It'll be more fun that you think.

There are more folks talking about good advice today. Read 'em and leave some good comments!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Wall Covering of the Day (4) - Georgia Horton

Georgia Horton is a London-based wall covering printer. A self-proclaimed hand-printer of contemporary wallpapers, Georgia has created brilliant designs for each of her collections.

There is one design that especially attracts my eye. The print is called Lobster Quadrille- for my especially Southern taste, I'm going to call it Crawfish Heaven.

I know, I know... Lobsters and Crayfish are not the same thing. But we don't have Lobsters down in the southeastern US- every creek and stream is chock full of little mudbugs though!

This is my official call for Southern Living to go ahead and pick this paper up and show it off!

Available in multiple palettes:

What do you think?

Check out more of Georgia Horton Designs.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Find - Uhuru Boardwalk Table

With the huge rush to use reclaimed products, it's no surprise that the legendary Coney Island Boardwalk has risen like a phoenix to an astonishing glory.

After being a main attraction for more than 70 years, a Brooklyn-based company called Uhuru has masterfully constructed a fine furniture piece from the remnants of the once glorious boardwalk.

Take a look:

The character of the wood shines through brilliantly. You can have one of these fine tables for a cool $14k from Saturdays Surf NYC, but you need to hurry. Uhuru is making only 10 of this design

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

#WordlessWednesday - Peace

*Nearly Wordless*

With today being Ash Wednesday, couldn't pass up sharing a peaceful ecumenical chapel designed by the Finnish architectural firm AOA.

Hope your Wednesday is fantastic!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Fat Tuesday!

So today is the day to feast away! Hope that if you celebrate the Lenten season that you live it up tonight and are able to make it until Easter without your vices. 

Moon Pies are a classic part of the Mardi Gras tradition in Alabama and here are some nifty tidbits about one of the favorite snacks of fine Southerners! 

Monday, March 7, 2011

When "Go to your room!" isn't punishment...

I want my parents to take a good look at this bedroom.

Maybe it's sour grapes at this point but why didn't I have a bedroom like this when I was a kid? Actually, I know the answer... punishment would be "Get out of your room!" instead of heading there for a bit of attitude adjustment.

What kid wouldn't want a pirate ship in their bedroom!? Was your room this cool?

Somehow I doubt it.

Impressive, eh? This bedroom was designed and constructed by Kuhl Design Build in Minnesota.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Inspiration - Kitchen Infusion

More and more I am seeing the combination of traditional and modern elements in the same space. Check this picture:

What do you think? Could you live in this space?

Favorite elements for me? Combination of dark wood and white, LOVE the punched tin(real or otherwise) ceiling, mix of utilitarian design(clock) and shiny/shimmery pretties(chandelier). 


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Build Your Own DIY Cave Dwelling

Boy, talk about a rare occasion when I actually advocate a DIY project....

If you're handy with a matic and shovel, all I can say is "Go for it!"

Via: Homeowners Insurance

Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Find(errr... Want to Find) - Vintage Counter Stools

Some of you know I broke both of the bar height stools at my house- yes, I was sitting in them when it happened(one at a time) and thankfully didn't fall and injure myself. I've been without bar stools for a couple of months now... I know, I know- incomprehensible actions on my part as a kitchen guy.

Ran across a vintage stool the other day and wondered how I might be able to incorporate that in to my decor at home(my decor has been labeled as ethnic... seriously).

Those stools do it for me in all the right ways... Maybe it's the stools(or the marble everywhere... no matter). If you happen to have one sitting in a barn or somewhere, feel free to ship it to me and I'll love you forever. 

Otherwise... time to hit up some estate sales.

Happy Friday, all!
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