Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Cost of Obesity

Interesting(and startling) lesson: Lose weight, save fuel. 

Via: Medical Coding


  1. Obesity is a worldwide epidemic.. it makes me wonder if there is anything we can do differently in the way we plan and think about kitchen design to help.. apart from discouraging the installation of integrated deep fryers..

  2. Interesting thought, Kristian- I'm sure there are some small ways we can makes changes in the design world, but the real changes have to come in our food purchasing choices. Grocery stores have become dens of iniquity!

  3. We as a people and as individuals have got to got to start owning our weight issues. We all want a quick fix, miracle pill that will instantly make us slim and toned. For so long now we seem to have become a bunch of people that can't take responsibility for our actions. Everyone wants to blame the fast food industry, but I haven't seen any of those places forcing some one to come in there and buy the high fat unhealthy stuff they pass off as food. If people stop buying the poison, those places will either start offering healthier foods or go out of business. Ultimately we are all responsible for what and how much we put into our bodies. We can't blame anyone but ourselves and we are all killing ourselves by eating all of these processed junk food items.

    Brenda Lynn

  4. Good stuff, Brenda- not sure it could have been better said!

  5. Very interesting! (I've come here via ModernSauce.)


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