Tuesday, March 15, 2011

#LetsBlogOff - Advice: Solicited and otherwise

As the bi-monthly Let's Blog Off rule breaker, I'm back to twist around the rules and make the event cater solely to my blog-posting enjoyment. Today's query: What's the best advice you've ever received? Guess what... I'm giving advice.

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Now for some advice:

Too many times in our industry are companies and corporations trying to whittle down the kitchen design process even to the point of eliminating designers from the process. So often has the DIY mentality invaded retailers only to confuse and anger homeowners.

You want some advice? Hire a kitchen and bath designer when you are working in those rooms. 

The most common misconception that I've encountered is that a kitchen designer is only going to cost more money. Absolutely false.

Kitchen designers(by rule) are there to help make a space work for a homeowner(rather than a homeowner constantly working in/on it). Kitchen designers SAVE homeowners FAR more than the cost of their services.

Kitchen designers have spent much of their professional lives learning the tricks and nuances of the trade. Why not take advantage of the research and experience a designer brings to the table?

So before you punch your cabinet or counter top order in to some automated teller at a big box store, talk to a reputable designer in your area. Don't think there are any in your area? You're on our page aren't you? 

Call me. It'll be more fun that you think.

There are more folks talking about good advice today. Read 'em and leave some good comments!


  1. I'm giving advice too: It WAS way more fun and less expensive than I thought. ; )

  2. I'm constantly trying to get people to trust their professionals. One wouldn't perform DIY brain surgery would they?!?

  3. Madame- Agreed!

    Izzy- No kidding- makes me wonder!

  4. Nick, if only people would listen to you! The thing I really hate to hear is "I really wish I had gone with you instead of Bubba's Cabinets..." That statement, while does give some validation, doesn't pay my car payment or put food on the table or buy any new "fabulousity" as our friend, the Saucy one, would say!


  5. Brenda- Couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks!

  6. Nick, you are such a rogue!

    Great advice. We've [tried] to install way too many kitchens without a designer involved. (remember, we were just the labor)

    A lumber salesman measures out the room and we get stuck making it look right, never mind the 6" and 3" filler in the corner as we try to get the sink to line up under the window.

    The trips back, the builder who can't understand why something simple looks so bad and the home owner who thinks we are all out to make their life worse.

    In the end neither the customer or the builder want to see any of us again resulting in not only lost revenue but lost reputation.

  7. Someone needs to write the "Hire a Kitchen Designer Bible," Nick, and I'm nominating you! Oh, and could we include the MenwHOTweet calendar as a fold-out in the middle?

  8. And while you're at it, Mr and Ms Homeowner, shut off the HGTV. They are mostly lying to you and you ain't no Mike Holmes. No, you are not.

  9. James- I've seen it all too often(and had to come in occasionally to fix the mess). It may seem like an extra step, or an extra person to deal with... well worth it though.

    Saxon- The calendar will definitely make an appearance. ;-)

    Rufus- That's a post for another day, dog. (But yes, you're 100% correct)

  10. Preach it! Designers are helpful and not anymore expensive than the costly mistakes made along the way.

  11. ... I barely have time to comment. . . .I'm working on my kitchen . . . ha! again -- Love it Nick! loud and proud! this is great advice and I wish I started stalking, scratch that I mean following, kitchen/bath designers five years ago. :~) happy weekend my friend.

  12. Alycia- Agree 100%!

    JB- stalk away, buddy!


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