Monday, March 28, 2011

Corter Leather - For Japan

Everyone is no doubt troubled with the recent events in Japan- with the country ravaged by earthquakes and tsunamis, it's refreshing to see the outpouring of support for friends across the Pacific.

I'm always impressed when a company does something charitable, and even more impressed when they give ALL proceeds for a product to those in need.

Corter Leather has done just that.

Corter has created a leather bracelet(completely hand-made) called simply, "For Japan". Reading the background for the bracelet is inspiring. Corter is giving 100% of the proceeds to the Red Cross, not branding the bracelet and simply reminding everyone to remember Japan.

As of last night, Corter has raised over $25,000- go on over and get one for you and one for a friend. Be prepared to wait a couple days though. The large amount of orders(and the fact that each is made to order) have created a 5-9 day wait. 

Even though Corter is a New England based company, the style and gesture make it quite Southern. Kudos to Corter!


  1. great post! Saw it in the #JapanLife stream - thanks for the heads up!

  2. Nice design really - natural and it includes the rising sun as the clasp.

    Thanks for sharing Nick

  3. Kim and Bob- Thanks for the comments!


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