Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Find - Uhuru Boardwalk Table

With the huge rush to use reclaimed products, it's no surprise that the legendary Coney Island Boardwalk has risen like a phoenix to an astonishing glory.

After being a main attraction for more than 70 years, a Brooklyn-based company called Uhuru has masterfully constructed a fine furniture piece from the remnants of the once glorious boardwalk.

Take a look:

The character of the wood shines through brilliantly. You can have one of these fine tables for a cool $14k from Saturdays Surf NYC, but you need to hurry. Uhuru is making only 10 of this design


  1. I LOVE that table!!!!...but not for $14k.

  2. Oh come on now, Amy... if you order two, I'll graciously accept one of them as a lovely gift to the blog.


  3. Stunning. And stunningly expensive. For that price, they had better come over and help pick out the crumbs from between the boards.

  4. Robin- Hey, that might be part of the package. ;-)

  5. Me and my dad could probably make that no problem


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