Monday, March 7, 2011

When "Go to your room!" isn't punishment...

I want my parents to take a good look at this bedroom.

Maybe it's sour grapes at this point but why didn't I have a bedroom like this when I was a kid? Actually, I know the answer... punishment would be "Get out of your room!" instead of heading there for a bit of attitude adjustment.

What kid wouldn't want a pirate ship in their bedroom!? Was your room this cool?

Somehow I doubt it.

Impressive, eh? This bedroom was designed and constructed by Kuhl Design Build in Minnesota.


  1. That is SO cool! I've been thinking of a redesign of my boys' room...I wonder if my husband would let me do this? Doubtful! LOL

  2. I know me lasss would enjoy sleepin' thar every night.

  3. Rhea- Good luck! Can't imagine what the price tag looks like.

    James- No doubt, me matey!

  4. Little Johnny, age 9: Mom, can all my friends come over and play in my new room?
    Mom: No, we paid a fortune for it and I don't want those hooligans to run rough-shod all over it.


    Little Johnny, age 15: Mom, I never invite anyone over because I don't want them to see my dorky room.
    Mom: But we paid a fortune for it and no one ever gets to see it!

  5. Beverly- For sure!

    Robin- And how right you are?! It'll be cool when you fast forward 15 years and the guy is still living at home. Ha!

  6. I'm 18 and I would still love to have that!

  7. Ruk- I'm 30 and would love to have it! ;-)

  8. I'll tell you why you didn't have a room like this when you were a kid: because you weren't a spoiled little twit who'd been told from day one that you were a unique and beautiful snowflake and that the world revolved around your existence.

    That's why.

  9. Chicken- You're spot on that I was never told I was a beautiful snowflake.

    Guess it'd be pretty rough being a 30 yr-old living in a pirate bedroom at the 'rents house, eh?

    Probably good I missed out on this space as a kid.

  10. Great post. Yes, this gives a whole new meaning to "go to your room." ;)

  11. Awesome room. This is uniquely and creatively bedroom designed. Way to go!


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