Tuesday, March 1, 2011

#LetsBlogOff- What is Legacy(or what it isn't)?

Yesterday morning before my day went absolutely haywire I decided that I should try to give this Let's Blog Off question a try- normally I don't delve in to the land of deep thoughts and vague principles, but legacy is a bit different.

Yes, I went to a website called blingpixie. I know... the shame.

I jotted down some things that I thought I'd like to say and really... nothing jumped out. The longer that I looked at the three words I had written, I realized I might be on to something(at least to me).

Planning, Branding and Execution.

There's your legacy folks... business, personal or otherwise. When you're gone, the only thing that will be left over is your planning, branding and execution.

In our business, we are judged on two main points- our personal interaction with the community around us(real or otherwise, business or personal) and the quality of work that we do.

The three-worded genius-ness reminded me of the Pyramid of Success that I was shown years ago from Coach John Wooden:

Seriously... your legacy is based on how you interpret, plan, react and enact that pyramid. If you are "with-it", people will remember you as someone that could be counted on and a valued member of society. If you fail at the basic principles of the pyramid it's not likely you'll have a legacy, but be forgotten.

So what have you done to change your legacy? What do you think legacy is? Is it even important?

Go read the rest of these posts answering the same question... leave some comments here and there why don't ya?!


  1. The shoe tub haunts you!

    Good stuff, Nick!

  2. As we can see, he will take that piece of work (the shoe tub) tohis grave...hopefully not anytime in the next 50 or 60 years!

    Brenda Lynn

  3. There's a thought. Two hundred years from now someone's carefully refinishing a piece you created!

  4. Great post Nick. I love a good distillation and you nailed this one.

  5. Ya see, sometimes the best ideas are the ones that come first, without over thinking. Glad you went with those three words. So simple, so right.

  6. James- Shoe-tub forever!

    Brenda- Also, shoe-tub forever!

    Joseph- No kidding... that would be the ultimate legacy.

    Paul- Thanks a bunch!

    Denese- Thanks for the comment- I'm trying to do better about not over-thinking things(and making sure that I think about things before I say them. Ha!).


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