Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Inspirations - Living with White

There are numerous occasions where I say that one of the worst aspects of many spaces are white, blank walls. Decorating with white however, can be simply stunning!

With the weather as stunning as it's been around here, I thought some bright, white spaces would hit the spot. Take a look, and happy Sunday!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stop Spreading Germs!

Sometimes I get emails from readers that are really just too good not to share- here's on of them.

Just in time for the upcoming cold/allergy season... keep your germs to yourself!

Finding a stick to "shake" with others is scarily reminiscent of "choosing your own switch" when Mom/Grandma/other adult in charge is about to tear up your rear end for sneezing(not in to some one's pocket) or actually washing hands while wearing gloves.

And just so ya know... quarters taste funny.

Hand sanitizer for everyone!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Answer Time: Fagor Washer/Dryer Combo

Well, there she is. 

I need some feedback on this combo machine... Do you have one? Spec them? Sell them? Hit me up- if it's good, bad or ugly I want to see it in the comments. 

I'm planning to go play with one myself soon and wanted to have an idea what others were thinking about it and if they had drawn an opinion about its merits.

For those of you that are as unfamiliar as I am, here are a few of the specifications:
  • Available now at:, and
  • Model FAS-3612 X
  • Washer-Dryer Combination Unit
  • 220 Volts
  • Variable Spin speed up to 1200 RPM
  • Turbo-Time
  • Interactive LCD:
    constant information about wash cycle
    -time delay
    - program duration and time remaining
    - selected functions
    - selected revolutions
    - intensive wash
    -extra rinse
    - easy iron
  • 16 programs
  • Anti-crease reversing system
  • 180 Degree door opening 

In addition to these little nuggets, the entire unit is just 24" wide and the 33.5" tall(yep, it'll fit under a standard kitchen counter) and is VENTLESS!

So share, folks... tell me why I need to be using these(or not).

Monday, February 21, 2011

Nick moves to the ModernSauce Ranch

If you don't follow my friend, Madame Sunday at the ModernSauce blog you are seriously missing out. I was fortunate enough to work with the dear Madame on her kitchen renovation and she graciously blogged about a portion of the experience today.

This is what I turn in to when I enter the Ranch.

Scoot on over and read along- fair warning... it's not for the faint of heart. Put on your eye-muffs if you're easily offended.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ruining a Rivalry: Toomer's Oaks

Rarely do I take a stance on a local current event, but this one has hit particularly close to home. As a rabid college football fan living in the state of Alabama, everyone knows the magnitude of the rivalry between Auburn University and the University of Alabama. Each school is rich with tradition, whether from a position of winning titles or playing spoiler.

Toomer's Corner in downtown Auburn, Alabama is the intersection of College and Magnolia Streets. The calming watch of Samford Hall(the most iconic building on the campus of Auburn U) stands nearby. After a major win, graduation or any other event to revel in, students and fans "roll" the two storied oak trees that are perched stately on the corner. 

On January 27, a guy identifying himself as Al from Dadeville(AL) called the Paul Finebaum Radio show(a sports show based out of Birmingham, AL) and claimed to have poisoned the trees with a very lethal herbicide. As of this week, at least part of his claim was true. State laboratories found up to 60 times the lethal dose of a herbicide called Spike 80DF, a federally controlled chemical.

When they find the guy that did this, he's not going to be enjoying his stay at the local detention facility. Additionally, dispersing a federally controlled chemical in an inappropriate manner is a federal crime. Add on the act of vandalism and you're not sitting pretty. If the chemical hits the water table, we cross over in to an act of terrorism. 

Now, I love football more than any other sport out there. I'll watch anybody play on just about any day of the week. Sadly, the Auburn/Alabama rivalry has often been taken to an extreme and this one blows just about everything out of the water save actually killing a rival fan.

The 130-year-old trees on campus will likely die. I spent a few moments on Toomer's Corner last night and the mood was odd- there were camera crews and news trucks as far as you could see and folks were again doing what they do on Toomer's, slinging toilet paper.

Yes they are just trees, but there is no more iconic landmark in the state of Alabama in football. The tradition will continue, whether the trees survive or don't, and football will go on in Alabama. 

Whether you shout War Eagle or Roll Tide(or cheer for anybody else), remember that football and sporting events are not worth destroying something that means so much to so many people. You don't look like a hero and certainly won't be hailed as a martyr when they haul you off to federal prison. 

Keep things in perspective, people.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blue Collar Business Radio - Twitter!

Yesterday I was fortunate to be on the Blue Collar Business Radio Network with James Dibben. If you remember a couple of weeks ago, I was a guest on his program talking about blogs and we touched on a small portion of the social media iceberg.

Last night we talked almost solely about Twitter and how to develop and create influence for yourself and your brand, specifically as it refers to those of us in small business.

You can check out the podcast, show notes, and other goodies over at the Blue Collar site. While it's a great resource to pick up the podcast and take it to listen at your convenience, do try to check James out during a live show and join in the chat. It's always a lively time and it's super easy to participate.

Not found us on twitter yet? 

Thanks again to James for having me on- Look forward to next time!

Download the podcast and listen! 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Find - Mons Sink

Can't get your kid to wash their hands on a regular basis? Might be time to get creative with the lavatory!

Designer Romualdo Faura has designed a kid friendly sink that is both ergonomically designed(no sharp edges, either) and prevents and excessive splashing. 

The sink is made from a product called Duralmond- a combination of natural and synthetic resins along with crushed almond shells. Duralmond is biodegradable, recyclable, fire and water resistant, light-weight and allows for limitless design.

To save water, the Mons sink operates on a motion sensor water source, preventing accidental long-term water usage.

It's kind of scary looking(to me) and may not be perfect for your house- elementary schools across the nation should be scooping these up!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Furniture Buyer's Guide: Craigslist

A close friend sent me a link to this graphic a while back and I've waiting way too long to share-

Since we are fortunate to now have a guide to buying, let's take a look at a few listings and see what we might actually be getting.

For sale: Antique sofa with intricate Honeysuckle(It's Pantone's 2011 Color of the Year!) upholstery, fringed base. Sofa has a couple rough spots but lots of life left. Must go today(or before the rain comes in)! $100

It's in a cow pasture. Fantastic.


For Sale: Funky planter/religious artifact display. Quit flushing a few years ago but makes the cutest indoor plant pot! Would help if buyer is also a plumber. $20

For sale: Bean Bag- new with tags, won't fit our decor. Bring a truck. $500

For sale: Brown leather love seat that belonged to ex. Has some wood details, maybe Scandinavian. Leather is comfy but have to sit on the love seat just right. Somebody just come get it.

For sale: Heirloom lamp, perfect for dog lovers. Glass shade has no chips or signs of age. Perfect! $40

For sale: Interactive white floor lamp, works fine and would be perfect for little girls bedroom. Must sell as it reminds me of my mother. $20

Be careful shopping on Craigslist folks- There are deals to be had, but ALWAYS check your guide before committing to purchase!


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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Inspiration: Honeysuckle

Back to pink- with Honeysuckle as the color of the year, it just seems alright to dream up our own personal Barbie Fun Dream space!

Have you used Honeysuckle in your design and decor this year? Let's hear what you've done and send me some pictures!

Happy Wednesday!

Photo Credits: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six and Seven

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nick in the City: Brizo and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Well, well... people will actually see me above the Mason/Dixon line. I've already packed sugar for my iced tea and shoes, real shoes!

All kidding aside, tomorrow I will leave for New York to join 19 designers/architects/bloggers from the United States and Canada for a jammed-packed few days of fashion and faucets(and other cool Brizo plumbing goodies). Brizo was kind enough to invite me and is footing the bill for the trip.

If you aren't familiar with Brizo, you're about to be.

I've often seen reference to Brizo as being "fashion-forward" from the design perspective of their plumbing fixtures- it only takes a few moments to see that each design is innovative and fresh. Each piece uniquely offers a new dynamic to the space where it is used. Even the advertisments reflect the design process each faucet or bath fixture exudes. 

Brizo began a partnership with fashion designer Jason Wu(You remember Michelle Obama's inaugural gown? That's the one.) a number of years ago, and the results have been nothing less than spectacular for each party. Whether fashion-inspired plumbing or the other way around, it's no stretch to see that fashion and luxury plumbing go hand in hand.

So while in New York, I'll be learning more about the popular Brizo brand, socializing with great folks from around the continent and seeing the Jason Wu runway show at Fashion Week. 

Most of you know that it'll be tough for me to be away from the showroom and even though I'll have home on the brain, the shop is in good hands... 

Then again, I might not need to be gone too long! 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Inspiration: Gruppo Treesse Milo

Oh what would I ever do with a bathtub like this?

Better question may be, who do you invite to come over and jump in with you?

This leather and glass beauty is by Gruppo Treese and is called Milo- the two-seater, leather and glass bathtub crosses every trend barrier out there and charts its on course.

Love it!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Ads!

So it's the only reason that lots of folks watch the big game. Super Bowl ads have notoriously been some of the best ever and if I had a team to cheer for this year, I'd watch the commercials a lot less. Here are some neat facts and figures... some are pretty wild!

Via: Online Marketing Degree

Everything You Need To Know About NFL Super Bowl Rings

The Super Bowl is upon us... Got your party fare and remote ready?! 

                      NFL Super Bowl Rings

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A History of Twisters in America

With the traditional tornado season about to crank up, it's important to keep in mind that it only takes some simple preparation and precaution to prevent a terrible situation. Eyes to the skies!

Via: Homeowners Insurance

Thursday, February 3, 2011

When Trends Attack! Kitchen Carpet Edition

Really this could be one of those posts where I can just throw pictures out there and type "What not to do" in all-caps at the top.

What's the fun in that, though? I can't scoff at sad home improvement decisions of times gone by- and boy, is this one a stunner.

I've been blessed/cursed to have actually seen and worked on two spaces where there was carpet in the kitchen. If your house has it, call an interior or kitchen designer(or the fire department) immediately.

This one is lurvely... Nothing better than some teal/turquoise shag to go with Harvest Gold laminate counters. Here's the thing to remember: At some point, some one stood back and said, "This looks really good."

Ahhh, NEW carpet in the kitchen. Everyone has that one friend that abuses alcohol- you know, the one that spills the entire box of wine on your floor? This photo was taken 10 minutes before they got there. 

I'm just not going there.

There either.

"Dang it, Diane! I took out our dishwasher so you'd have a place to put the empty chip dip bowls, beer bottles and junk mail and look how you repay me. Call the dog in here to lick the rest of this french onion dip up off the carpet."


Even the King couldn't resist some carpet in the kitchen... Yup, this is straight from Graceland. Elvis loved the opulent. 

So class, what have we learned?

Carpet in the kitchen will never be a good solution. If you have an exceptionally hard flooring surface or your house was built on a concrete slab, there are some ways to make standing in your kitchen a bit easier on your feet.

For many years, chef's mats were solely utilitarian and didn't really go with any one's decor. Nowadays these mats have taken a great turn toward being not just easy on the feet, but easy on the eyes.

These are just two examples of GelPro mats that are available. It doesn't hurt that they are budget friendly, too! 

Sure beats having to scrub creamed corn out of a high-pile carpet.

Now that I've typed this I can eat my breakfast(Had to save it just in case I didn't make it all the way through the post).

So let's hear it people... Is there a good carpet for the kitchen?

And don't worry... Carpet in the bathroom is coming. 
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