Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stop Spreading Germs!

Sometimes I get emails from readers that are really just too good not to share- here's on of them.

Just in time for the upcoming cold/allergy season... keep your germs to yourself!

Finding a stick to "shake" with others is scarily reminiscent of "choosing your own switch" when Mom/Grandma/other adult in charge is about to tear up your rear end for sneezing(not in to some one's pocket) or actually washing hands while wearing gloves.

And just so ya know... quarters taste funny.

Hand sanitizer for everyone!


  1. Best graphic of all time? Maybe a stretch, but not too far. As for switches, I'm not sure which was worse, finding the most brittle branch (so I thought) which actually wielded way too much whipping action or a wooden spoon. I endured both and then some. How grandmothers morph into the most treacherous spankers from being the biggest spoilers, I'll never know.

    Happy Friday Nick.

  2. lol! I love those crazy tips! Don't worry we will definitely follow those rules=) just kidding.


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