Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to Build a Luxury Bomb Shelter


  1. Raina- Maybe... Actually, I just like the idea of underground homes. Easy temperature management. ;-)

  2. Nick, I have a friend in Auburn who has an underground house. The built it probably 10 years ago and lived in it while they were building a bigger house in front of it. After they moved into the big house, they moved his elderly parents into the underground one. Their house is wonderful, it is the only house on Lee Rd. 188 with a gate house. It has been featured in East Alabama Living Magazine.


  3. I can already tell you that the scented oxygen tank will create quite the debate at my house! We have WAY too many women around here!

  4. pillow- I bet Bob could build us one of these!

    Brenda- A bunker in Auburn, eh? No surprise!

    James- HA! May have to keep a handle on chosen sent, right?

  5. Good idea - but underground compounds costs much more than mere temperature management.


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