Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nick in the City: Brizo and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Well, well... people will actually see me above the Mason/Dixon line. I've already packed sugar for my iced tea and shoes, real shoes!

All kidding aside, tomorrow I will leave for New York to join 19 designers/architects/bloggers from the United States and Canada for a jammed-packed few days of fashion and faucets(and other cool Brizo plumbing goodies). Brizo was kind enough to invite me and is footing the bill for the trip.

If you aren't familiar with Brizo, you're about to be.

I've often seen reference to Brizo as being "fashion-forward" from the design perspective of their plumbing fixtures- it only takes a few moments to see that each design is innovative and fresh. Each piece uniquely offers a new dynamic to the space where it is used. Even the advertisments reflect the design process each faucet or bath fixture exudes. 

Brizo began a partnership with fashion designer Jason Wu(You remember Michelle Obama's inaugural gown? That's the one.) a number of years ago, and the results have been nothing less than spectacular for each party. Whether fashion-inspired plumbing or the other way around, it's no stretch to see that fashion and luxury plumbing go hand in hand.

So while in New York, I'll be learning more about the popular Brizo brand, socializing with great folks from around the continent and seeing the Jason Wu runway show at Fashion Week. 

Most of you know that it'll be tough for me to be away from the showroom and even though I'll have home on the brain, the shop is in good hands... 

Then again, I might not need to be gone too long! 


  1. Wow Nick, you did not tell me Delta Burke works for you! Hehehe I am so envious of all of you getting to have all of this fun starting tomorrow. Take lots of pix and of course we all expect several blog posts on the topic. I wish you safe travels and god speed.

    Brenda Lynn

  2. Brenda- Shhhh... it's not Delta, but Suzanna Sugarbaker! ;-) Get ready, pics and posts are a comin'!

  3. Ha @ Suzanne Sugarbaker! I love it.

  4. Thanks, Greg- how in the world did I spell Suzanne wrong 2 comments up? Sheesh!

  5. Ha. . . love it! I would have said Delta Burke too . . . but how fitting and thx for the history about Brizo that I have not gathered myself! I'm hanging tight to you << great work.

  6. Please sleep with whomever necessary to get me one of those lovely fixtures. Use your Southern charm. If that doesn't work, get 'em drunk! Bring me back a Brizo fixture (and ice cream while you're at it) and I'll lift the restrictions I placed on your return south of the Mason Dixon. Oh, have fun.

  7. JB- See you in a little while!

    Alexandra- Restrictions, what? ;-)

  8. Looks like you're having a blast Nick! Loved that cotton candy you all were eating. :) We look forward to your picts when you get back!

  9. Those are truly lovely fixtures. The designs are very creative and cool.


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