Thursday, February 10, 2011

Furniture Buyer's Guide: Craigslist

A close friend sent me a link to this graphic a while back and I've waiting way too long to share-

Since we are fortunate to now have a guide to buying, let's take a look at a few listings and see what we might actually be getting.

For sale: Antique sofa with intricate Honeysuckle(It's Pantone's 2011 Color of the Year!) upholstery, fringed base. Sofa has a couple rough spots but lots of life left. Must go today(or before the rain comes in)! $100

It's in a cow pasture. Fantastic.


For Sale: Funky planter/religious artifact display. Quit flushing a few years ago but makes the cutest indoor plant pot! Would help if buyer is also a plumber. $20

For sale: Bean Bag- new with tags, won't fit our decor. Bring a truck. $500

For sale: Brown leather love seat that belonged to ex. Has some wood details, maybe Scandinavian. Leather is comfy but have to sit on the love seat just right. Somebody just come get it.

For sale: Heirloom lamp, perfect for dog lovers. Glass shade has no chips or signs of age. Perfect! $40

For sale: Interactive white floor lamp, works fine and would be perfect for little girls bedroom. Must sell as it reminds me of my mother. $20

Be careful shopping on Craigslist folks- There are deals to be had, but ALWAYS check your guide before committing to purchase!


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