Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Inspirations - Living with White

There are numerous occasions where I say that one of the worst aspects of many spaces are white, blank walls. Decorating with white however, can be simply stunning!

With the weather as stunning as it's been around here, I thought some bright, white spaces would hit the spot. Take a look, and happy Sunday!


  1. Ya know, Nick, every time I see the beautiful colorless rooms, I think I want at least one room in my house to be like that. I'll start out, most recently in the hall which is small room size, then first thing you know, a little color seeps in, then some more and some more. I seem to be incapable of doing it. But I sure do like it!

  2. Wanda- I'm the same way! Plus... even though my two little black and white dogs would coordinate with the decor, the black hair would drive me bonkers.

    I LOVE white sofas more than any other color... I guess I need a couple of albino pooches!

  3. Nick, you could have one of my Jacks. Their white hair is everywhere.

    Love the 3rd photo from the top ... with the tall fireplace? The stone contrasting with the white is surprisingly warm and inviting. My problem is every time I see white walls I think back to Reina's Sandra Lee Post and am afraid I could never really live in it.

    Still, I love to look at them and think of other peoples' dogs. Happy Sunday.

  4. Arne- That's the favorite room of mine as well... so Sandra Lee has ruined white for you, she's just one of the white witches and should be disregarded.

    I'll have lots of white one day... one day.

  5. Ya know there comes a point when even I get "color saturated" and I yearn for just simply white. What better canvas could there be?

  6. Gloria- I'm with you all the way... Sometimes the absence of a lot of "noise" creates the most serene environments.


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