Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blue Collar Business Radio - Twitter!

Yesterday I was fortunate to be on the Blue Collar Business Radio Network with James Dibben. If you remember a couple of weeks ago, I was a guest on his program talking about blogs and we touched on a small portion of the social media iceberg.

Last night we talked almost solely about Twitter and how to develop and create influence for yourself and your brand, specifically as it refers to those of us in small business.

You can check out the podcast, show notes, and other goodies over at the Blue Collar site. While it's a great resource to pick up the podcast and take it to listen at your convenience, do try to check James out during a live show and join in the chat. It's always a lively time and it's super easy to participate.

Not found us on twitter yet? 

Thanks again to James for having me on- Look forward to next time!

Download the podcast and listen! 


  1. Nick, it's always a lot of fun to have you on the show!

    You bring quite the crowd. That alone is proof of your klout!

  2. Great show! I got my RDA of "You learn something new every day."

  3. James- It's always a blast! Happy to share.

    Raina- Thanks for listening in!

  4. Great info on twitter and how it relates to small business.


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