Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pantone-ing the Kitchen - Honeysuckle Inspiration

With the recent release of the Pantone Color of the Year for 2011, I thought it'd be a nice time to take a closer look at the shade of the moment, Honeysuckle.

Just my take, but when I heard "Honeysuckle" I was excited at the idea of a calm, fresh yellow as the color of the year. Boy was I surprised when it was not yellow. At first I thought it was just me, but I quizzed lots of other locals and honeysuckle flowers here are indeed primarily yellow- I felt less like a bad designer and completely out-of-the-know.

It's amazing how the color of the year takes off. Remember last year when turquoise went bonkers and it was on every store shelf? Home goods and fashion accessories alike. Fortunately, the folks at Pantone are smarties and choose good colors. 

This is how girls will dress for the next 12 months... hope you like it! 

Good Pantone colors aren't just for dresses and throw pillows. Check out some pinker inspiration in the kitchen... 


Lovely! Why use color as an accent? Use it as the base color! Love, love the rustic table in the center. 



I really like the idea of a strong accent color as a glass backplash- 3 above are great examples!


I don't always encourage a big "remodel" as a DIY project, but if you get the help of a qualified professional, painting your cabinets white doesn't have to be your only option.

Accent walls are always yummy, and this looks nice with the dark wood and counters. Don't be afraid of color in the right application! 

Maybe you want to take Honeysuckle(or a variation of) in to the bathroom...

So that's my take- had lots of pink on the mind and Honeysuckle will likely be a success!


  1. I'm sorry....can't paint anything in my house pink. Burgandy, maybe, but not pink.

    P.S. I guess I will remain behind the times with my wardrobe, as none of those designs look to flatter wide hips :)

  2. I don't know if I could do anything pink in such a permanent area like a kitchen or bathroom but the fact that these items exist (I'm looking at you pink sink vanity) means that Pantone did get the color choice right whether people like it or not.

  3. This was all my daughter Kate needed to justify going crazy with pink. Luckily it will be limited to the items in her wardrobe.

  4. um, hate to be a grinch but just 'cause pantone says so and just 'cause something exists don't make it right.... pink is pink, and pink is Idiotic in my book in any major way in any room in the house. I would sooner die than have even a little girl's room pink in my house. and yes, i do have a Couple pink outfits and they are fine, just as pink can be fine in moderation - say on a throw pillow in a blue themed master bedroom - but I sure won't be racing out to 'refresh' my wardrobe on Pantone's say so. Trendy is trendy, not timeless.

  5. Amy- Cool thing about colors is that not everything works for everybody. I've never been beholden to trends, other than taking them and morphing them to accommodate me.

    Madame- If you could dream it up, it's out there. Crazy, huh?

    Bob- Don't blame me, blame Pantone! ;-)

    Brenda- Pink is feeling the wrath of Brenda today, eh? ;-) I don't love pink and certainly wouldn't have pink cabinets in my personal home, but clients rule our roost and if a customer of mine wants pink permanently in their kitchen or bathroom, they'll get it and it'll look pretty darn good(not to pat ourselves on the back). I must say though, the thought of a blue-themed master bedroom with pink throw pillows screams country blue and muave to me. Sheesh I hope that never comes back in to style.


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