Thursday, December 16, 2010

Future of Kitchen Counters? Maybe.

We have some really great readers and social media friends that keep me updated with a pretty constant stream of gadgets and fun stuff they think would go well on our blog. A really awesome twitter friend sent me this yesterday and I knew it would be a good one...

So what do you think? Is this something that you would have in your home? What's your favorite feature?

The suggested recipes is golden in my book. A dilemma at my house is that I've got plenty to eat but nothing goes together. I love the idea of adding ingredients on hand and having Oasis suggest a meal. Genius!

So let's hear it- what say you?


  1. suggested meal = Brilliant! tons of applications = super cool! thanks Nick + friend for sharing!

  2. Totally can see this! We need to work on that design eekkk! oh...and make it a little smarter... like take all the ingredients I leave out and get dinner started so it's simmering by the time I get home

  3. That thing scares me. Next thing you know it will nag me to clean up the kitchen and stuff. Psssst - can it bake a cake and do my shopping?


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