Wednesday, December 1, 2010


tremendous christmas
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[Source: Artificial Christmas Trees from All-In-One Garden Centre]
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  1. Love this! P.S. We do real trees every year, but have made a tradition out of going and buying balled and burlapped trees. After Christmas, we plant the tree on our property to eventually form a wind barrier. We buy Douglas fir to honor my work and the timber framing we do, as we use Douglas fir most here at LCTF, Inc.

  2. That's an awesome tradition, Amy- Thanks for sharing!

  3. That's a very interesting poster. Thanks for making it available for everyone to enjoy.

  4. Great post! Our favorite tradition when I lived in Oregon was to go buy a permit from the Forest Service and go up into the mountains to cut our own tree. What a great time we had --and I never realized how rare until now! Nowadays in CA we have artificial trees. You can buy them on a lot, but it's just not the same. We do however buy a wreath made out of real Oregon evergreens... this year the tag said it was from Salem, Oregon.

  5. Yeah! Like Pam I've cut down my own trees in Maryland when I grew up :)

    Fun post!

  6. Wahhh. Now I really miss Oregon. We used to go out and cut our own too. It's even more fun with young kids. And the smell is tremendous. Ah well - expensive supermarket tree, here we come.


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