Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year in Alabama- The MoonPie Descends Again!

If you happen to be in the Southeastern United States and are still without plans for a party on New Year's Eve, join the fine folks in Mobile, Alabama as the celebrate the 4th annual MoonPie drop.

Why a Moon-Pie you ask? Well, MoonPies are one of the unofficial foods of Mardi Gras(usually thrown from floats)- since Mardi Gras starts in our fair state why not one-up New York and drop something that tastes better than a glass ball.

via WSFA

The festivities begin in downtown Mobile with a parade at 6:30pm CST and continue through the night- headlining music is the O'Jays(love me some Love Train). When the MoonPie drops at midnight, there will be a laser and fireworks show that rivals anything else in our time-zone.

With 20,000 people showing up last year, this year's events looks to be even bigger and better. 

 via Press-Register

via Press-Register

The 12-foot MoonPie is perched alongside the 34-story RSA BankTrust building, Mobile's tallest skyscraper. 

Check this video from last year's event- 

So there ya go... Get to Mobile with a cooler full of RC Colas and have a good time. It's the Southern thing to do. 

via Press-Register

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