Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#LetsBlogOff - Permanent Island Getaway

The minds behind the Let's Blog Off series nearly got me this week- It's currently right around 6am on Tuesday and I should have had something written long before now but I didn't. Not to say I didn't try.

The topic this week: You're given an island. The only thing to consider is once you move there, you can't leave. Who and what would you bring? What are the rules?

And my head just spun.

Mind you, I just wore shorts to Thanksgiving celebrations and now the weather has changed so quickly I look like I'm dressed to run the Iditarod. Thinking about living on an island really isn't the weather shock I needed right now. Nonetheless, I started jotting down some things and niceties that I'd like to have on "Nick's Island". Going nowhere.

For inspiration, I looked at Sotheby's and duPont Registry at the private islands that were for sale to give me a boost. Nada.

For a second I thought, "I could be the King of Morrocco- It's a nice place!" Not really what I wanted.

Why was I having such a hard time writing a silly Let's Blog Off post about a fake island where I could just party and be lazy all the time?

So I went to bed a disappointment to myself, failing the fives of tens of Let's Blog Off legions who would quickly scan my post for good pictures and barely seeing that there was any text. (Just kidding, folks. I know there are two or three of you that actually read them. Ha!) I was going to skip Let's Blog Off. Bummer.

Sometimes people need a break, right? I mean, I could skip one week and people wouldn't forget about me all together. That really didn't trouble me... what bothered me was that I couldn't answer the question.

This morning I woke up still rather dejected at my inability to answer a seemingly simple question. I got in the shower and had my epiphany! The shower is where I have most of my epiphanies, not really sure why. Maybe it's the water or the steam- nonetheless, I figured out exactly what my Let's Blog Off post would be about.

 Ready? I don't want your dang island!

It didn't take me 5 seconds in to washing my hair to realize that control was the part of the island scenario that upset me the most. I don't want to choose what and who are there, much less make the rules- not to say I couldn't.

Each day I wake up to something new, a new scenario or a new person in my life. Controlling the simple things in our lives would take the joy and adventure right out of them. How long could you live in a controlled environment before mentally and emotionally you just check out?

What are you missing on a daily basis that makes your life better than it was the day before?

When you get to your island, if you choose to go, will you miss the nice stranger who stopped to help you change your tire on the side of the road? What about the girl who checked you out at the pharmacy that made you smile even though you felt like death warmed over and all you wanted to do was get your medicine and get to bed. What about the project you worked so hard on and had so many roadblocks but was so fulfilling when you finally finished. The thought of living on that island seemed to take out the fun and spontaneity out of life.

I decided that I like the rock I live on, bumps and all. The thought of my world being a tropical paradise is certainly a good one and there is no doubt that I would enjoy eating the island fare and seeing all the scantily clad natives. WHOA....

I could have just had an island with scantily clad natives?!

Yeah never mind about all that other stuff... *wink*


Let's Blog Off is a phenomenon to its own- a group governed by no limitations that share thoughts on a topic usually bi-weekly. Feel free to join in, after all... we're pretty fun. 

The photos above are from the stunning North Island in the Seychelles. If you are planning a vacation here, I'd like to go with you... as your guest... because you will pay for it. ;-)


  1. Great post Nick. It reminds me that I need to get to the Seychelles one of these days. The Indian Ocean looks and sounds so captivating.

  2. Get out of my head!! That is exactly what I was struggling with as I was checking off the list of things that I would bring. Books, ok.. but after you've read "Travels with Charley" 38 times you can go a little nuts. And I could bring a dog, but what would I do when the dog died? What if I died before the dog? And people... again, boring the same people every day and I would become boring to them so they would plot my death for condemning them to a sentence of living with me on this crappy island.... My island is different as well and like you, I dreamed it up late... still crafting it....

  3. Nick, fantastic post...stating everything that I was unable to. Now, I can't even begin my blog post because it would seem a replica of yours. I LOVE the idea of spontaneous life and love that you pointed out the most obvious - your island, controlled by you would not have that pharmacy girl or tire changer built in; thus your island would be lacking them. Sad.

  4. Ha! we're on the same page! Should I be scared? http://bit.ly/dRAIPw

  5. I do my best thinking in the shower too! I have no idea why - maybe because I'm usually in the shower late at night when I can't act on my ideas, and then by morning I realize how crazy they are and I've had time to talk myself out of doing them!

    If I had more time, I might have come up with a great post like this. But less than a day just wasn't enough time to get philosophical - I need at least a week for that ;-) But I DID manage to get something written - you have to stop by and check it out, seeing as you made me do it!

  6. Well, hell, I missed this blog off, but I like the pictures a lot. Personally, I could easily go to a place like this, if I could take my wife and have everything paid for. Lots of books to read, classical music to listen to, wife to talk to and spend time with, bit of sight seeing on the beach (with plenty of bodacious topless babes). Hell, that would work for me. Miss civilization and the thrill of victory.... HAH!!!!!

  7. Paul- When you go, I'll carry your luggage!

    Rufus- Glad I wasn't the only one that struggled a bit... Guess that was the point, eh?

    Amy- Go ahead and write it! No such thing as copying- just great minds thinking alike!

    Kelly- SO glad you got a post up... I knew that it'd be fun if you joined in.

    Joseph- Glad you enjoyed and thanks for the comment... look forward to seeing you next time!


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