Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside - Morso Wood Stoves

If it isn't cold where you are, count your blessings. Most of the country is either bundled up or under snow, even in parts where cold weather(below freezing) doesn't usually strike that often or this early.

Because I value the way things were done in a less complicated time, it makes sense that heating with a wood-burning stove would be right up my alley. 

Morso, based in Denmark, has been producing fine heating implements for over 150 years. It's easy to rely on a company that has been on the cutting edge of stove production when you've been leading the pack for that long. 

In addition to being the best in the world, Morso stoves are made with 98% recycled material. The company has made considerable efforts to create less of an appliance for the home and more of a piece of heirloom-type furniture.

Take a closer look at the factory in Denmark:

 Morso 1442 Squirrel Convector

And my personal favorite... 

Morso 1410 Standard Squirrel Multi-Fuel

As you can see, there is a stove for each style of home- Morso even offers lines of contemporary and wall-mounted stoves. 

Stay warm! 

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