Friday, October 21, 2011

Blanco Design Council Appointment

Earlier this month I received a HUGE honor from BLANCO, nomination to their prestigious Design Council.

The Design Council is made up of heavy hitters in the kitchen and bath industry from all parts and wields a significant amount of influence among the design world.

I could not be more honored! 

BLANCO is recognized around the world as one of the top sink and faucet manufacturers. I've featured some of their products here on the blog and have a particular love for their positions on sustainability and responsible business practices. The Solon Compost System is one of my favorite kitchen products available!

You can check out the post from BLANCO about my appointment here and read more about the Design Council and its members.

Thanks again to BLANCO for this awesome opportunity and I'm looking forward to an exciting partnership for many years to come!


  1. That is really great Nick. I am truly happy for you. You are a very hard worker, an ethical person and you have a wonderful sense of humor. I think Blanco is lucky to have found you.

  2. Sandy and Alexandra- Thanks for the support!

  3. Congrats to you. That's great news for a deserving guy.


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