Thursday, October 20, 2011

Camping at the Opera?

Yesterday was my birthday and I was fortunate enough to have dinner with my parents and some friends at a campground on nearby Lake Martin. My parents are 'campers' even though I'm not sure that a recreational vehicle with flat-screen tvs and wi-fi can necessarily be called 'roughing it'. 

RVs and travel trailers are commonplace with the tailgating that goes on around the South and I think I've found an addition that could be the talk of the campground.

This is the Opera Camper. Tell me now... what could have inspired designer Axel Enthoven to create such a vehicle?

Is that not awesome?! It's the Sydney Opera House on wheels!

The back deck is teak and the trailer features a wine cabinet and espresso bar. Camping is tough, you know?

I'll give them this... The camping demographic has changed. Where once primitive sites were covered with tents and picnic tables, million dollar motorhomes dot the camping landscape. The Opera is just more affordable luxury. I dig it.

The Opera is currently available in the Netherlands and Australia. They are seeking dealers elsewhere and are showing positive sales results. Looks like the Opera is here to stay. Can't wait to see one in the states!


  1. Awesome Images.. Looking very nice vehicle.. how much cost this "opera"

  2. Not sure on the cost- would need to check with a local dealer in either the Netherlands or Australia.

  3. Fantastic! It really looks like the opera in Sydney. Does it have a bathroom inside?? Well, that would be really cool and that it can be built anywhere.

  4. This is so amazing. I wish I could have one too but I'm thinking of having an Eiffel tower camp site, what do you think of that? It would be great. Camping is a lot fun, add this awesome car in the experience, superb! kershaw knives


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