Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Find - Magic Glass

Still on my glass kick, Magic Glass from Russian firm Mauer Buro allows clear glass panels to go opaque... with magic, of course!

Well, not so much magic as it is smart technology. Using a standard light switch, a crystal polymer membrane is activated and changes the light transmission creating an opaque panel.

Thank about the options for something like this?! Obviously, room dividers and partitions, but what about bathroom shower stalls, full wall windows and walls between bedrooms and living spaces.

LOVE this stuff... Can't wait to see something like this on the common market!


  1. This is already in use. There are several public bathrooms that use this glass. It goes opaque when you lock the door. But most people are really surprised when they see these bathrooms for the first time.

  2. FVG- YES! I've seen in in a couple of commercial applications, but never in a residential one. I like the "open air" feel of the loo with lots of glass that changes(or is mirrored).

  3. I've seen it commercially but not in a residential application. I can think of many uses around the home and I'm sure we'll see more of this to come.

  4. Todd- Agree... I'd LOVE to have it for an over-sized custom shower.

  5. This is very cool, looking forward to seeing more of this!


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