Monday, October 24, 2011

Featuring the ModSauce Ranch!

It's always nice to work with good clients. It's even nicer to work with good clients and then have good work recognized. 

Most everyone that reads my blog is familiar with the transformation that took place at the ModernSauce Ranch and I take VERY little credit for the space(I was just an encourager and facilitator).

Nonetheless, it's nice to see the awesome new kitchen making the rounds of the interwebs. 

Recently, the space was featured on Curbly and Renovate Too

Make sure that you head over and check out both posts and leave some good comments. 

Remember, you can always go back and follow the events as the unfolded at the ModernSauce Blog


  1. I think it's so excellent that both of you get a two-for-one recognition for all your hard and creative work. yay for Nick & the Sauce-age!

  2. Alexandra- I just took good orders... The Madame was the boss!

  3. Nick -I really like the light fixtures. Did you locate those?

  4. Decor- I did not... that'd be all Madame. I'll see if we can get a supplier for those.

  5. Thanks Alexandra! We really got lucky with each other. ; )

    The Decor Girl - Those light fixtures are the globe pendants at West Elm:

    I thought they were really reasonably priced for what they were. And I don't feel like my kitchen looks like the counters at West Elm so I would definitely recommend them. ; )

    Thanks for being on the blog again Nick! Always a pleasure. ; )

  6. Madame- Thanks for clearing that light question up for me!

  7. I believe the windows stayed the same, just new trim.

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