Tuesday, August 3, 2010

There Once was a Woman who Bathed in a Shoe...

After Debbie started her bath and gazed longingly on to the bay, she realized that had she not spent $27,000 on a gilded shoe bathtub, she could have had her very own toilet... her very own toilet.

27K... You read right. Ahh no worries, they start out at $17,000, but it's just like a car- the loaded ones that come in the good colors are ten-grand more.

Honestly... If I'm going to have a high-heel bathtub that costs $27,000, it better have wheels and take me to town.

Totally aside, I have become a StumbleUpon(shameless self-promotion, follow me here... and click that SU button at the bottom of this entry) nut, thanks to a few friends on Twitter. In my stumbling, I came across this divine disaster and immediately thought of two dynamic bloggers and foolishly asked them to blog about it. I knew that whatever they did would be gold because they are fantastic wordsmiths and know exactly how to entertain me(Yes, in my little world I imagine they write just for me).


The link became viral and began eating up my Twitter friends. Today you can browse the web and see seven different takes on this lovely/horrible plumbing fixture. I'll link them all up at the bottom... Keep reading.

In the meantime, here's my favorite of the tubs, if I must have one.

Got to admit, the black looks nice. Too bad you need a 400 sq. ft. bathroom to fit it in.
And if you live in the Barbie-fun dream house... Pink should do the trick. I feel I must use the word fancy here. So there... fancy.


And now for the absolutely unbelievable part...

That stunner of a tub is made by SICIS, the Italian Art Factory. Everything they touch is brilliant, save the aforementioned tub. Their mosaic designs are purely genius and mesmerising. When you get finished with this, just go look at the super-awesomeness.

What makes me happy, you ask? Pin-ups. It's just my thing.

All out of tile... Look closely. Amazing. Doesn't hurt that the one gal looks startlingly like Judy Garland.

Shamrock walls in the bedroom? I'd move in here... today.

Now that's a tub I'd get in... Red? Check.

The first time I saw this pool room I thought, "That is my kind of spot. Now, where's my beverage?!"

Nothing says opulence like a gold bathtub. Divine.

It's hard for me to believe... I stumble upon a drag queen shoe-tub and am linked back to one of the most amazing mosaic design houses in the world.

Goes to show, can't always judge someone by the shoes they're wearing.

Now go look and see what everyone else did and while you're at it, follow them on Twitter. It's worth it, promise. Just click on the @name and their blog to see...


  1. Oh well seeing the black one changes EVERYTHING!! I'll take it

  2. Sequins on a tub? Wow. I don't know if I'd be comfortable in any of those bathrooms. I think I'd feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland...or a bug that was about to be squished. Anyway, good take on the matter. Sometimes, things (designs) should just be left where they are.

  3. Madame- I knew the black one would send you over the top! I'm sure my service provider was thrilled to see me googling "high heel tub"... ;-)

    Amy- Agree, glad I can admire some things at trade shows and blogs... Try to keep from being squished!

  4. Twin of AlexandraFunFit here to say these tubs are beautiful, just beeeyooteeeful. Just like my sis. AHh hhhaaa Almost had you there, right? By the way, Modern Sauceliness has your beverage.

  5. Thanks for letting me participate in this, my initial blogoff--even if I did so begrudgingly.

    Very well-researched and thoughtful post! Glad to see you didn't throw out the baby with the bathwater and still think highly of SICIS. They really are the art house of mosaic.

    I think these really are object d'art or conversation pieces and not intended for home use. But, did they get us talking.

    But, I must ask, pin-ups? Do they really make you happy? And, to think of the adjectives that you used on these tubs!

  6. There was an old woman who bathed in a shoe
    She had so much cash, only a shoe would do


    I have to say, as tacky as the shoe tub is, the inner shape (for lounging) looks appealing. You are right - the mosaics are stunning.


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