Monday, August 16, 2010

KraftMaid - NEW for 2011

It's no secret that the Cupboards family is quite smitten with KraftMaid. After working with such a great company and watching their product development for years, it was no surprise that when a new product launch came around the results were stellar.

Here are a FEW of the new things in the vast KraftMaid offering. As always, we are glad to share with anyone who has some questions. Feel free to stop by the showroom and we'll give you the full offering of what's new!

This is KraftMaid's Kendrick Maple door style in the Parchment finish. Both the door style and finish are new this year. You will notice that the Kendrick door has a sweeping, curved frame door that adds a totally new dimensional effect not seen in many other door styles. The Parchment finish is the "refreshed whitewash" and is right at home in a modern farmhouse. Kendrick is available in a variety of finishes on both maple and cherry.

The distinctively modern Brockton door style(shown above in natural cherry) is a quartersawn door style available in cherry, maple and oak. By using a vertical grain veneer on a slab door, the depth of the wood grain shines.

Applied moulding doors never cease to impress, and the Harlowe door style fits the bill! An elegant and stately look, this maple(shown) or cherry door style features a five-piece drawer front and works in an traditional, or traditional with-a-twist, setting. KraftMaid has expanded the Onyx finish from accessories to cabinetry and the stunning black finish looks great paired with virtually any color palette. In the above photo, Onyx is paired with Vintage Cardinal with Onyx glaze, another new finish in the KraftMaid offering and one of six new painted with glaze finishes.

One of KraftMaid's finest attributes is their ability to listen to their dealers and then put that information to work. Fox Chase is the product of the KraftMaid dealer network asking and receiving. A classic, cost-effective cherry door style makes a grand addition to the KraftMaid line-up. Here, Fox Chase is featured in the Rye finish, a new red-toned brown stain that showcases the grain of whatever wood species one chooses.

Both cherry and maple on the new Richland door style are shown above. Also an applied moulding door, Richland adds a stepped edge profile that further defines a furniture appeal in the kitchen. The cherry above is in the Rye with Onyx Glaze finish and the maple is shown in Sage with Onyx glaze, both additions to the stain with glaze finish options.

Clean lines make the Garrison door style an instant favorite. Available on both cherry and maple, Garrison takes a traditional farmhouse feel and gives it a modern, new feel. The large outside bead of the door and drawer profile mimics the look of an inset door. New painted finishes Mushroom and Sage(shown above on Maple) add new dynamics to the KraftMaid paint line.

Coastal style isn't something just on the coast! KraftMaid's Seton door style on cherry(shown) and maple works perfect in an casual and comfy space, and we think it's perfect for the lake, too. A recessed v-groove panel on both the door and drawer takes us right to the waterfront. The Seton kitchen above is finished in Vintage Dove White and Burnished Rye, both heirloom looks.

So there's the tip of the iceberg! We hope that you'll come by and see the tons of new cabinet options, finishes and doorstyles that KraftMaid offers. It's easy to achieve that dream kitchen or bathroom when working with the finest cabinetry available!

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  1. That Brockton kitchen is drool-worthy. Surprisingly I also really like the last one - it's harmonic & welcoming.


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