Sunday, August 29, 2010

True Colors with Pennington and Bailes

With football season right around the corner, I have already started getting out the football gear. Thursday night will kick off the football season for us, and I'm so ready I'd just about turn the grill on today.

If you live near a college campus that has a substantial "preppy" faction, you're probably familiar with Pennington and Bailes.
Pennington and Bailes is a fine clothier producing tailgate and collegiate apparel. Of course, I think they only make one really nice color combination...
Yes they do make other teams, but I try not to clutter up my post with all sorts of colors. *grin*

Besides polos and embroidered pants they make shorts for the guys, as well as lots of options for gals and even the little ones.
It really is a very high quality line of apparel that helps continue and encourage the pageantry and tradition of a big-time college football game(especially here in the South).

Since my birthday is not too far away, I think a pair of these pants will be high-high on the wish list!

You too can have these campus gems... Purchase online here.

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