Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pink is for Girls(not always)

Not that I would necessarily use Lustre Creme, I am curious to know what "pink" smells like...

Anyway, the shoetub extravaganza from a couple days ago (click here) prompted me to think about princess bathrooms and girlier bathroom stuff.

Pink(like real pink) isn't always easy to pull of in a small space, just because it can be a fairly overwhelming color. Aquaplus Solutions does lots of colors in their bathroom fixtures and their pink is spot on... take a look.

Simple lines, and a pink that isn't offensive.

Don't be shy when you want to do a color in a bathroom, the limits shouldn't be the color of your walls!


  1. I really like the line "Don't be shy..." I am not a designer, but I think I probably would be shy. Of course, now I know better. :-)

  2. Brian, you're not alone- just shores up the reasoning for having a good designer around... They can present lots of options that you might not have ever considered!

  3. Nick,

    Do you happen to know the vintage of the Lustre Cream poster? Looks 1960's to me. Love it!

    Nice post -- good point about how to manage an otherwise overwhelming color.


  4. Great points! Thanks for sharing.

    PS Pink is for girls, and I love it!

  5. Is it my imagination, or do the pink circle thingies at the bottom look like either 60s earrings or some sort of happy pills? Either way, don't get those things near my ears or face or I'll have to report you to Grace Slick.
    Pink is for guys with dark hair. Why? They look hot! Not southern weather hot, but California "dang, he's hot!"

  6. John- Not sure of the vintage on the poster, but friends "from that era" tell me that's pretty accurate (60's-ish). ;-)

    Denise- Glad you enjoyed!

    Alexandra- I think it's just a warning that if you eat the soap you may see things. ;-) And I totally agree with the pink for guys... I wear pink lots in spring/summer(cause I'm hot, of course).

  7. Last think I'd want in the bathroom is something to remind me of Pepto-Bismol. And this is just about that exact shade of pink.

  8. Brenda- Maybe the pepto color helps things along... ;-)


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