Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tennessee Orange Dream

With football starting up next week, I have already brought out all of my orange garb and am ready to cheer on my Volunteers to a season of big wins.

Perhaps my favorite part of Tennessee athletics is the brilliant orange that paints the eastern half of the state of Tennessee each year. While it serves as a thing of beauty for me, it is an immediate indication to rivals that the opposition is among them(As a Tennessee fan in Alabama, trust me... I know all about it). The orange hue that was chosen for the university was selected by one of the first football players at Tennessee- his inspiration was a variety of American Daisy that grew abundantly on the Hill(where in the early 1900's, most of the classes were held).

Tennessee Orange technically, is:

Spot Color: PMS 151
CMYK: 0/48/100/0
HEX: #f77f00

On a given autumn Saturday, Neyland Stadium turns in to a big orange mix of raucus awesomeness. It's perhaps the best place in America to watch a football game, and the tailgating outside and on the river is unrivaled.

Tennessee orange isn't limited to stadium wear- Bruce Pearl, the very animated basketball coach for the Volunteers, breaks out the orange blazer for rivalry games with Kentucky and Vanderbilt. 

Even when one's days of cheering for Tennessee have ended, you can have one last Big Orange hurrah.

So there is my orange happiness. If you see me around this fall(especially on Saturdays) it's likely that I'll be decked out in my orange, shaker in hand cheering on the VOLS!


  1. That orange casket But I've seen the crimson ones, so I can't say much!! Thanks for playing, and congratulations on scoring the first touchdown for Tennessee!!

  2. Thanks Rachel- Football season is always such a fun time. Really glad to be able to be part of the Alabama blogging community!

  3. I've never seen so much Orange! Maybe that much Red in Nebraska or Green in South Bend (Notre Dame). But Tennessee stadium is colossal

  4. Hey your pictures are great of Neyland! My wife is a painter and is working on a series of stadium paintings. Is there an email address I could reach you at? I'd love to pass on your picture and would be happy to work out a way to compensate you for it.


  5. Mark- It's a glorious Orange, eh?!

    Patrick- They actually aren't my pictures. The photo credit is under each photo- maybe that can help you finding the original photographer and making those paintings!

    Thanks for reading!


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