Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Find - Wave by Royal Botania

It's still summer-time for sure in East Alabama, and the Wave by Royal Botania would be a welcome sight on a Friday afternoon once 5pm rolls around.

The Wave is the product of a pair of Belgian designers who have been riding a pretty good wave of positive press after their nearly hammock/sun chair/parasol has received countless positive reviews and awards. Standing on a single base, the Wave can rotate 90 degrees around assuring the best spot in the sun. Along with black, white and cappuccino, the turquoise option is my favorite.

Can't live without it? Order one online here.

Check it out... Catch the Wave!


  1. Why does that thing make me feel seasick? But you mention cappuccino. Please send me one of those right away. No whipped cream. Is is just me, or would being inside that thing feel akin to being in a hamster wheel?

  2. Hey that is what I want for Christmas!!!


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