Tuesday, November 16, 2010

#LetsBlogOff - Thanksgiving-palooza

Today on the #letsblogoff series, Thanksgiving! 

It really didn't take long for me to think so some of the finer Thanksgiving memories I've had over the years. I'd like to share eight of my favorite things about Thanksgiving(in no particular order, of course).

1. No presents. 

This actually might be my favorite part of Thanksgiving. With the commercialization of seemingly every other major holiday it's nice to have a day where we can eat and be merry without the worry of giving an impersonal gift card or receiving another sweater(and not a cashmere one, I assure you). 

2. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade(specifically, the Rockettes)

Thanks Mom, for this one. I still watch the parade every year to see the Rockettes. It's nice when they are close to the front of the parade so I don't have to sit there all morning. 

3. Wacky Parade Balloons 

Granted, I wasn't around in 1937 to see this Pinnochio-looking fella float through the NYC parade route, but each time I see it I marvel at it's strangeness. Modern day examples would be: that random silver bunny from a couple years ago, Pikachu, the headless dinosaur, Smoky the Bear(You can prevent Central Park fires), etc.

4. Katie Couric

Thanks Katie for the good years of hosting the Macy's Parade, and darn you for getting to big to do it now. I miss Katie and Willard like whoa.

5. Autumnal Tablescapes

Because Martha Stewart says so. 

6. Cranberry Sauce

Maybe your family eats cranberry sauce more than once a year, but not this bunch. To be completely honest, I don't think we have turkey every year(I can tear up some dressing though). Certainly, one doesn't have to eat the canned stuff(there are some pretty good recipes out there) but is there anything more fun than watching someone shake it out of a can and hearing that very distinctive plopping sound?

7. Packers/Lions

Wanna hear my schedule for Thanksgiving? Load up my plate with my grandmother's dressing and aforementioned cranberry sauce and sit on the sofa(aka children's area) and watch the Packers and Lions. In Alabama, it's unlikely there could be a more uninteresting football game. It is football though, and we will watch it.

8. Dessert(especially if someone made some Paula Deen treats)

Not sure I want Paula actually making the pie/cake, considering she blended up a glass bowl as one of the ingredients trying to show Oprah how it's done. 


So I guess that's about it. Of course it's nice to see my family and visit and etc... as long as they aren't blocking the tv while the parade is on. Sheesh!

Happy nearly Thanksgiving to you guys- Visit my other friends thoughts on Thanksgiving by clicking the #letsblogoff button at the top of this post and checking out their links. 


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Nick!

  2. Cranberry sauce. In a can. Sliced. Don't mess with that. Every year, some ill-advised, well-meaning but moronic person decides to get fancy with some cranberry relish. Always a bad move. :-)

  3. Thanks for sharing, Nick, I didn't realize what a funny guy you are! And I agree, canned cranberry sauce is a must, even if someone gets fancy and makes their own! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. For me, I like to shake the table and watch the cranberry sauce jiggle, but refuse to eat it. :) Thanks for the post.

    I love Thanksgiving and do everything in my power to keep its sanctity in tack (no Christmas music, decorations, or shopping until the day after Thanksgiving! Firm rule)

  5. Canned cranberry sauce is OK until you get a recipie and make your own. I very much like the no presents thing on Thanksgiving, though.

  6. nick -- I hear you about the the packagers/lions again this year (well of course the lions because noone cares) enjoy the holiday Nick

  7. Nick, hilarious post! that 1937 Pinochio seems rather obscene for Macy's,... anyone else think that?? I'm just betting... they gave him an ultimatum - deflate or be censured! heh. yr holidays sound a lot lk mine were, great pics. and there's a new Katie in town! cindy @urbanverse

  8. Awesome bright & sunny post as always, Nicksy!

    Happy turkey day to you & yours! :)

  9. Okay, I'm going to say it... you made some serious mistakes here:

    It's America's Team the Cowboys (not the Lions - who are they again?)

    Macy's Day Parade - boring (I know because I was in it)

    Who gives presents at Thanksgiving? That's just confusing.

  10. I'm not going to lie - I like the sculptural quality of canned cranberry sauce rather than its taste. I'm fancy because I like art at the Thanksgiving table.

  11. Just yesterday a guy friend said the same thing about Thanksgiving - his favorite part was "no gifts." I was kind of surprised because he's incredibly generous ... It was kind of touching. He simply appreciates getting together for the sole purpose of getting together. Who says guys aren't sentimental? Nice post.

  12. I just want to know everyone's secrets for getting that cranberry sauce out of the can without a knife. I hate the way having to dig it out messes with the artful grooves in the side of the blob. I think if Richard Serra did a cranberry sauce sculpture, it would look just like that (minus the knife skid marks)! Thanks for the fun, Nick!

  13. Paul - Right back at ya, buddy!

    Rufus - I must agree with you- the "good stuff" tastes good, but there's nothing like the original right out of a can.

    Anne - Hope you got a good chuckle!

    Amy - Glad to see there are some other Thanksgiving traditionalists like me. ;-)

    Joseph - Love no presents, but I spend way too much time making desserts to make cranberry sauce. Ha!

    jb - I'll be watching the game nonetheless- Happy T'gviing!

    Cindy - I admit it, first time I saw that Pinocchio I thought it was dirty looking. Ha!

    Becky - Thanks for your support, as always!

    Bob - I'm sending you a gift. Just for Thanksgiving!

    Madame - Cranberry Sauce as Art. I smell a blog post a comin'

    Denese - Thanks for the comment. Really, gift giving is difficult nowadays. We all spoil ourselves... What's more generous than a bounty of fine cooking? Enjoy your holiday!

    Saxon - Easy... Take a knife and jab the other end to let air in the end. Then shake it like a salt-shaka' Ha! Works every time.


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