Monday, November 22, 2010

Hammer me a sink, please

Not much better on a Monday morning to have a rush of good feelings like those I have when I see a good hand hammered sink. Native Trails is the supplier of good looks this morning.

Couldn't resist sharing.

And Monday is a happy day. Have a good start to the week folks!


  1. Nice! I love double bowl farmhouse-style sinks!

  2. What? John is SO copying me. I was officially the first to totally drool over farmhouse sinks. I. Want. That. Sink. Okay, any of the ones above, but I especially like the full look of kitchen w/the green apples.
    Please send it right away. Modern Sauce will pay.

  3. Really great sinks. Something that bit different from the norm.

  4. Scary look at bringing shipping crates in to the home for decor purposes.


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