Tuesday, November 2, 2010

#LetsBlogOff - Election Day Laugher

It's Election Day once again, and #letsblogoff is asking, "What makes you laugh?" Well, if you are above ground and have a radio, television, internet, telephone, telegraph, get snail mail or accept smoke signals you know it's an election cycle.

My goodness I'll be glad when November 3 rolls around. Mid-term elections always bring out the clowns for some reason and this year did not disappoint.

Political ads are good, particularly in local races where folks have as much "dirty laundry" as the Duggars have literal dirty laundry. When all you feel like you can do its cry, better start laughing.

Oh my goodness, Tim James. For those of you outside the state of Alabama, this guy actually looked to have the inside track at the governor's job at one point. That point quickly passed during primary season. 

You ever bragged about takin' money on your Facebook page? Thank you Dale for perhaps the most entertaining political ad ever.

Just for clarification, Ron is running for governor and he's on the ballot today.

There are plenty from around the country... Like Demon Sheep...

And best for last... Chuck Norris. 

When you go vote today, and you should- just think about all the funnies you've gotten from all the politicos. Should be a fun ride, yeah?

It's a little different than what I'd normally do for a #letsblogoff post, but I do laugh at all these folks and it's what's on my mind today. If you're voting today, get that sticker and wear it!

Go read everyone else's #letsblogoff posts... I'm sure there will be some good ones.


  1. Political commercials are certainly something to laugh about! Can't believe Chuck Norris signed on to do that ridiculous commercial.

  2. Wow! Double WOW!!!!. . NEVER see that stuff up here. thank you, thank you, thank you. . .two words, "Chuck Norris" and that is funny!

  3. Jesus, i thought the shit we had to wade through in Florida was thick. Wow!

  4. Good topic, Nick. This stuff certainly does make one laugh when kept in perspective. Timely blogoff topic. And yeah, Chuck Norris is always pretty entertaining!

  5. Oh, my. The level of subtlety was so, ummmm, covert, especially the Ag guy wielding his gun! Maybe he and Chuck should go do some ass kicking together! These ads were highly entertaining. As JB said, we never see those kinds of ads way over here. My laughter was only mitigated by the knowledge that some people will not see these ads as funny.

  6. Whew! I'm glad I don't watch much TV. I've been fortunate not to have seen anything like those ads, even though I'm sure we have our share of similar ones here in neighboring Georgia. I know it's the South, but still, did he really have to pull out his rifle like that?! I'm just glad it was him and not the guy talking about English who had the gun.


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