Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tailgating - Shoot-A-Brew Cooler

Just when you feel that can getting slightly empty, the thought of convincing someone else to bring you a fresh spot of your favorite beverage becomes evident. You remind everyone that you must hold down this lawn-chair for fear of it floating away- and still no one volunteers to bring you a drink.

Never an issue... anymore!

Enter the Shoot-A-Brew cooler. Ultra-fantasticness.

The cooler will hold a case of whatever satisfies the thirst you're having with a specific compartment for ice. A water-proof remote is included and will the favorite button to push at the tailgate. The cooler can toss a standard beverage 8 feet or so every 2 seconds. Drink up! 

Doesn't hurt that they have some rockin' promo videos. You can pre-order these gems at the Shoot-A-Brew site but you should really hurry because it'll be limited production. For just $295, it's better than paying someone to run to the cooler for you.

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