Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Colorfully Steppin'

There's nothing better than smart use of color where it's least expected. Here are a few of the colorful spaces- especially when I'm thinking of a stairway to heaven... get it? I'm so witty.


This space makes me exceptionally happy. From the white plank floor to mix of new and old, coloring the stairway gives a seemingly plain space tons of charm.

What Auburn or Florida fan wouldn't love to have an Orange and Blue painted stairway runner? I fully expect to see one of these soon.

Because a hue of turquoise makes everything better. This makes me quite happy.

Not so much color, and even though I really have to think about whether I like words on walls and such, I like this because it's kind of subtle and not what one normally sees.

I really do like this and I think that just like a painted line on a street, you'd walk just in the direction you should(hopefully missing the other set of stairs).

But when you can't decide on one color, do them all!

One of my all-time favorites, the Pantone staircase screams designer to me. Also, saves the strange conversation when a dinner guest asks for the specific paint color you've used.

When paint isn't readily available, one can always just tape their stairs. I can't imagine the time(and patience) this took.

So there you have it, should be your dose of color for the day!


  1. Love these staircases! Not many people make their stairs a feature, but why not?! We use the stairs all the time, may as well make them interesting and fun :-)

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