Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Balloon Fest

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us once again and a Thanksgiving #LetsBlogOff to get us all ready for the holiday season, I thought it would be neat to take a look back and some of the wackier balloons that have graced the Macy's parade route over the years.

 Pinocchio (1937)

 Acrobats (1938) 

Are those garters? Sheesh the 30's were bizarre.

Santa (1939)

The Tin Man (1939)

Interesting expression there, buddy.

 Eddie Cantor (1940)

The way I understand it, this was the only balloon that has flown in the Macy's parade that was created out of a living person's likeness. Still kind of scary.

Pilgrim (1946)

Dachshund (1950)

 Flying Fish (1951)

This just doesn't look right.

Superman (1966)

Police Officer (1937)

Smokey Bear (1969)

Happy Dragon (1973)

Linus the Lion (1973)

No, I'm not including that silver rabbit from a couple of years ago or Pokemon(even though I still don't know what those little varmints are), but there are plenty that raise a couple of eyebrows. 

So hunker down Thursday morning and enjoy some smells from the kitchen and more crazy parade balloons!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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