Wednesday, November 17, 2010

24K Gold Toilet Brush Holder

There are a few things that warrant a bit of price splurge in home products: nice bed linens, a good set of flatware, fluffy bath towels, etc.

This is not on that list(well, not on my list at least).

Oh yeah, it's gold. 24K(plate) in fact. Unless your name is Midas, not really sure this makes a considerable bit of sense in one's bathroom decor. (I keep mine in the closet anyway- don't want it out all the time)

But if you can't live without this, you can buy it at Pioneer Linens for a mere $575. Made by Windisch in Spain, when you purchase it they'll throw in free gift wrap.

When you aren't using it to clean the throne, you can use it as a scepter! All hail the kings and queens of clean!


  1. I've been waiting patiently for at least 6 hours for a picture of Queen Saucy to appear in this space! Well?!!!


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