Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Find - EcoSmart Fire

Not going to spend a whole lot of typing time on EcoSmart Fire- happy to let the photos do the talking. If you haven't seen these, they burn bio ethanol and some are vent-free. Let's say it together class.... GREEN fireplace!

As cold weather approaches(or is already where you're at), these lovelies are sure to send some warmth your way.


  1. Wow, those do look nice & like the flame given off.

    As an FYI - Vent Free does not equate to green, ever - the problem with bioethanol & other fuels is the release Carbon Dioxide & Water into the air. Less oxygen & more moisture in the house is generally not a good thing for most occupants or the structure

  2. Wow, those look so lovely. I want it. I hate having the fireplace on as my eyes always burn. But maybe this version......

  3. Sean - Thanks for pointing this out, and you are absolutely correct.

    Alexandra - I think one of these would be perfect under a recliner as motivation to work out. Whatcha think?


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