Friday, January 25, 2013

IMM Cologne/Living Kitchen Recap with BLANCO Modex

Last week I was so fortunate to attend the IMM Cologne and Living Kitchen show in Cologne, Germany as a guest of BLANCO. As you may or may not know, I am a member of the BLANCO Design Council(the US version) and part of this year's fun was to attend the show. Travelling with BLANCO this year was Andie Day, Jamie Gold, Grace and Ken Kelly, Cheryl Clendenon, Kelly Morisseau, Leslie Claggett and Susan Serra along with myself. Paul Anater was along too, but also travelling with the BlogTour Cologne Group.

Now a warm, Southern boy like me doesn't comprehend northern Germany in January. Let's just put it this way... It was COLD.

The show was nothing short of awesome, and no one had better show "mates" than I did. 

Kelly Morisseau, myself and Cheryl Clendenon at BLANCO IMM Cologne. (photo by Lori Dolnick)

I was lucky to have two of the premier kitchen designers in the US to chat with as we ran around the show. IMM Cologne and the Living Kitchen isn't your local home show. The show itself is massive and every credible European brand rolls out the red carpet to showcase new products and offerings.

Now it's not because BLANCO was kind enough to schelp me to Germany for the show, but they easily had one of the best booths. Not only were they announcing TONS of new product for the European(and some US) market, but the design of the booth and space were spectacular!

A large sweeping arch(complete with waterfall) guided showgoers through the heart of new product lines, while a raised cafe' and seating made a perfect spot to rest a moment and have a snack. Huge kudos to the BLANCO design team... The booth was nice enough that I didn't want to leave!

As expected, the awesome booth wasn't just fluff. The new products launched made the space. One of my favorites combined two launches for the US market.

photo by BLANCO

This is the MODEX sink. It's a raised sink that's part of the BLANCO SILGRANIT II family that allows homeowners to wash, cut and prep right in one place. Because of it's striking features, the MODEX looks great as the centerpiece of any kitchen design.

photo by BLANCO

If you're unfamiliar with the color, that's because it is new, too! Cinder is the latest color in the SILGRANIT II collection and is a perfect mix of gray, brown and black. It's a super color that is the perfect compliment to both light and dark counters. Cinder is available in the BLANCO SILGRANIT II sink family as well as two faucets.

I'll have lots more coming up from both BLANCO and other sights from around IMM Cologne and the Living Kitchen in upcoming blog posts. Until then, I'll continue to try and recover from a grueling, but awesome week with BLANCO and the BLANCO Design Council.

When the show has you beat, just find a gigantic silver lame' sectional to crash on with your friends.

Cheryl, Nick and Kelly... Resting. photo by Lori Dolnick

Other trip thank yous:

Lori Dolnick from Frank Advertising, Tim Maicher and Christy Emens from BLANCO USA, Veronika Miller and Tim Bogan from Modenus. Thanks for making this trip awesome!


  1. Had fun hanging out and chatting ghosts with you!!!

  2. I heard that BLANCO won an award for their booth. I hope that's true. I also loved the MODEX sink. I get tired of using a cutting board that is cumbersome to wash. Better to have that cool sink. I'm really happy that I met you in person. BLANCO made an excellent choice in you.

    1. BLANCO was rolling out LOTS of deserved awards at this show... SO great to finally meet you, too!

  3. Looks like a great time - & love that new sink. What an awesome booth!

  4. The BLANCO booth was really well done. Even better was seeing the show with you! Hope you're feeling better.

    1. Hopefully getting back to 100% soon... Thanks for letting me hang out with you at the show!

  5. You get all the hot chicks, Nick!


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