Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Find - Satechi USB Humidifier

Since we are squarely in the cold and flu season(or anytime you're on an airplane season), it's always nice to find a neat little gadget that helps out with dried out sinuses and airborne yucks that are just waiting for you to have a weak immune moment before they pounce.

Enter the super portable, USB-powered Satechi Humidifier. How awesome is this?

Easily packed in a suitcase for travelling, all one needs to do is pick up some bottled water at their destination and presto! you're in business.

photos via Satechi

Other cool features include ability to use for aromatherapy, automatic shut-off after eight hours and gives off a calm blue light.

Reviews seem to be pretty solid and you can pick one up for under 30 bucks on Amazon.

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