Tuesday, January 21, 2014

KBIS Primer - Viking TurboChef Double Oven

With KBIS just a couple of weeks away, it's time to finish up my appointment making and get my dance card filled up. With the combining of the International Builder's Show(IBS) and the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show(KBIS) in Las Vegas this year, many of the old brands that were mainstays at industry shows have picked back up and decided to join the party.

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Viking Range at KBIS.

Since the Viking restructure, new products have reappeared in the Viking catalog and it's not a moment too soon. The once mainstay had slipped the appliance ranks and with some new leadership, they're poised to make a run back to the top. The new Professional TurboChef Double Oven is just the beginning.

This is on my list of KBIS must-sees. 

According to Viking, this oven cooks FIFTEEN TIMES FASTER than a traditional oven. 15! I don't even know how to put that in to real life numbers.

It's about time that the big boys in appliances come back and showcase what's new... It's super impressive when they show up and have something awesome to share. Viking is winning. 

I'll let you know how it looks... Think it will be bad if I show up with a meal ready to cook at the booth?

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