Monday, May 31, 2010

4279 Updates Later...

Many people will be reflecting on Memorial Day today, cooking out and spending time with family and friends. In addition to celebrating our veterans, we are celebrating our one-year anniversary on Twitter.

Most of you that follow me on Twitter or know me on a face-to-face level know that I am one of the few folks under 30 that hasn't ever had a Facebook page(I think there are like 4 of us. Ha!). My reluctance to jump in to the Facebook craze is merely personal; and the jump in to Twitter was completely professional. While the recent privacy assault on Facebook has reassured me that Facebook neglect wasn't such a bad thing on my part, my Twitter activity has been a very personal(and professional) experience.

I first signed up for Twitter because a close friend had and account and said that it might be something I want to look in to. He is witty and the 140 characters were often the perfect amount of space to toss a bit of snark in to the world and usually draw a good laugh from me. I knew going in that Twitter could offer a way for me to connect with customers and potentially industry pros and cohorts that could/would offer inspiration and ideas when that creative block is in full effect.

Well, I was almost right.

Twitter has been one of the single most rewarding things I have done, both professionally for Cupboards and even though I was not expecting it, personally.

The connections that have blossomed from what seems like simple quick snips to full-blown friendships. My generation came right at the beginning of the 'fully-electronic' one. We still had to go to the library in college to look at the books so occasionally I still have the distrust of certain technological things. My expectations for Twitter were nothing compared to what actually happened once I engaged myself with other quality tweeps(people on Twitter).

Some days are busier than others and so some days I tweet more than others- Cupboards Twitter is averaging 11.8 tweets a day. I It seems very strange to think about a day without Twitter simply because of the connections that I've made. It's a lot like showing up at a transcendent water cooler and exchanging cordials with coworkers.

So after one year, Twitter has fulfilled every imaginable positive effect I could imagine.

I appreciate the friends that I have made and look forward to developing those relationships and building new ones. Thanks for your help and information... I don't feel like one of the new kids anymore!

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