Friday, May 28, 2010

Spring Clean

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.
~William Morris

Not to beat the "Spring is Great" drum again, but spring cleaning was something that Mom mentioned to us once a year or so when our rooms would become particularly cluttered. Even now that I've had my own place for some years now, I still think of Mom when that glorious de-cluttering time rolls around.

Now that I have a really nice workspace to go along with the home, it has the same tendency to clutter itself. After all, there's no way that it could be me that's the problem.

Folks in the Kitchen and Bath industry and inundated with trade magazines and samples. In the spirit of full disclosure, I must admit that I am a sample hoarder. Not entirely sure why, but they have always been like little tokens of opportunity.

"One day I will do a job with this very sample," I'd say.

Enter Tearose Illusion from Wilsonart.

I have always liked and used Wilsonart laminates. The new Wilsonart HD is a glorious sight in the laminate countertop world and seeing it in person makes all the difference.

Nonetheless, Tearose Illusion is a flashback to a simpler time; a time when Madonna wore pointed chest apparati, alternating neon socks was cool and you would fight someone for stealing your slap bracelet(ok, so I was a kid in the 80's/early 90's - give me some slack). Maybe you remember its siblings, Canyon Blu and Verdi Pompeii. If you recognized them, you'll see that I managed to hold a sample of each in the photo above.

Canyon Blu and Verdi Pompeii are reminiscent of the backgrounds to business card templates and attorney's offices. No offense intended if you work in a lawyer's office and still have green marbled business cards.

Today's spring clean sent these lovely relics to a different home. I snapped a photo for posterity and sent them to the sample board in the sky. Part of me was sad to see them go, always worried that a customer would be upset that the sample they were set on wasn't in our showroom. At the same time, new is here and the old has to go away.

So if you come searching for Tearose Illusion, that Pepto-pink, high-gloss marbled loveliness, you just missed it.

Happy Spring Clean, friends... Clear up that sample drawer designers, you'll be glad you did!


*When I searched Wilsonart's website it returned no results for 'Tearose Illusion', leading me to believe that they got rid of their samples long before I did.

*UPDATE: Wilsonart on Twitter(@Wilsonart) kindly informed me that Tearose Illusion was discontinued in 2005. I'm only 5 years behind!

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