Thursday, May 6, 2010

Frolicking in KraftMaid's Genius: The 39" Wall Cabinet

Boy did KraftMaid hit it out of the park with this innovation!

Since the beginning of time, kitchen folk have toiled with the quagmire that is an 8 foot ceiling. Rarely do ceilings stay at 96" for the duration of a run and especially in an older home that has had ample chance to settle.

Often smaller homes(with lower ceiling heights) have smaller kitchens. Profound, huh? Obvious observations aside, customers with small kitchens have more complex storage needs and must make use of every possible space.

So many homeowners have grown tired of their 30" wall cabinets with no crown moulding and have seen glorious cabinets that go to the ceiling. Before KraftMaid's introduction of the 93" top line threshold installers would either get lucky with 96" worth of cabinets and never use a full-overlay door, or 90" with a sometimes disproportionate amount of moulding.

Not anymore.

Here at Cupboards, we have already made good use of the 39" wall cabinet. A strong remodel market(and dismal new construction outlook) have put KraftMaid's new size to good use.

Not long after it's intro, we spec'ed those very 39" wall cabinets in a newly remodeled spot in our showroom. More than once, experienced builders and installers have stood with a look of confusion until they break out the tape measure. That flustered look has turned quickly to delight. Ease of install and benefit to the homeowner will do that.

Doesn't hurt that they look pretty darn good!

*By no means am I hinting that KraftMaid "invented" the 39" wall cabinet, only that I am just super-excited I get to use it now! *big smiles*


  1. Thanks, Paul. It's been a really big hit with our clientele- glad to have KraftMaid looking out for us!


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