Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Captioning Wednesday #1

I make up captions for photos all the time... It's a bad habit considering that it's usually when I'm looking at someone's family photos or another borderline offensive moment.

Interior captioning is fun, too.

We will do it together from now own. Down in the comments, you go!

Here's the caveat: Don't be mean or I'll be mean to you... And it won't be fun.

First up...  Stunning photo from a space by the Brooklyn Home Co. photographed by Emily Gilbert.

There's no prize, just my admiration for being witty and observant.



  1. Come on in, take a seat, just pull up the boulder...

  2. Here's mine... "We just loved the movie "Cocoon" so much!"

  3. This season on Fox, America's favorite family, The Dinosaurs shop at Pottery Barn. Tune in to see what happens when Not the Mama rearranges the accent pieces. Let's just say that it's bedrock breaking action.

    And for those that don't remember the show Dinosaurs, shame on you all.

  4. The man said it was a rare dinosaur egg and when it hatched it would really accent the rest of the house as an original one of kind treasure.

  5. conveys the message that 'compact need not mean messy. If arranged well, can be as clean as this picture'


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